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How A Career In Network Marketing Empowers Women To Empower Others! 


Surveys conducted by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) revealed that approximately 85.2% of direct sellers are women.  For all you men out there, who are reading this article, think of all the excellent opportunities you have to sponsor more women to grow your organizations.  Keep reading because all you guys have potential to become empowered too.

Women are wired for networking because we have this ingrained sense of nurturing and the ability to put another person's needs before our own.   Women are usually great listeners and it's been said we have eyes behind our head. 

Network Marketing can be the perfect choice for women who tend to struggle with the decision to build a career outside the home or build a business from within the home working around a family atmosphere.   Placing our children in the care of others is not a pleasant thought is it?   I know it wasn't for me personally.   This is one of the main reasons why I chose to build a career in Network Marketing.

For me personally working for someone else has never been appealing.  The thought of being an employee chained to a cubicle comes to mind thus giving me more incentive to develop my entrepreneurial mindset.

Network Marketing has never been a get rich quick lottery scheme and when more people begin to experience this phenomenal business model we will begin to see even more growth in our profession and women are at the forefront of this growth.

Walk into a networking event and watch how the women conduct themselves.  They are going to most likely be the ones walking away with some valuable contacts after they've made some connections.    When walking into the next networking event try a little experiment.    See how many people you can connect together.    Pretend that you are conducting a connect the dot experiment.   The more people you connect the more referrals you're going to walk out with.  Instead of focusing on your needs, focus on others first.   Take a genuine interest in every person you are connecting with and listen to people because when you focus on what they are saying they will give you clues.    Keep the radar up to pick up on those clues and when you sense any sort of negative vibes from someone that means to ease off because you're probably focusing too much on your own agenda and not focusing on what they're interested in.

After you introduce yourself, ask people what they do, what's important to them and then, hold back from talking too much about yourself, unless they asked you.   Ask them who would be a good referral for them and then make sure you connect them with that referral by following through on what you say you are going to do.  Reach out and ask for their business card first.

Network Marketing is a profession that actually allows a person, any person, the chance to take back the American dream and there are no glass ceilings here for women.  We can climb as high as we want to go and support as many people that would like to take the journey with us including our family.

A profession in Network Marketing allows a woman like me, who barely made it out of high school with no college degree, to build a solid career that pays as much or more than some people who have degrees.   A Network Marketing career even pays someone when they're not able to work.     I experienced this first hand when going through some serious health challenges and through it all had an income coming in.   Where else can someone earn an income even if they are not able to work with the exception of government assistance? 

In network marketing the income earned is determined by the effort each person decides to devote versus taking a handout.    We call it a hand up.   Instead of giving people an apple to feed them for one day we teach people to plant an apple orchard and feed them for life.   That's what we do in Network Marketing every day when we empower others and teach them a new way to build their life for the better.

This profession allows women to develop and grow their leadership, character, business and people skills.  I consider these skills priceless since I started with no business experience, no corporate background, no writing experience, no income, no credibility, very little contacts and confidence fifteen years ago.

Experience, self-development and leadership skills are something I work on every single day. Self-development is an ongoing process no matter how successful a person becomes.    The possibilities are endless in Network Marketing for the woman who sees what this profession really has to offer beyond just an income. 


Some people get into Network Marketing with "I'll give it a try" attitude and never set their enterprise up like a real business entity right from the start.   When Network Marketing is treated more like a hobby people may pick up on that attitude and say "She's a stay at home mom with a little hobby on the side."  Prove them wrong by developing the skills to boost your business enterprise to a full time career that can give you the leverage and freedom to do the important things you cherish like having more time to spend with family. 


Sometimes we hear people mention, "do I have to invest money to get started in a business and to develop myself?"   What happens is people who do not get started right in the first place with an entrepreneurial mindset for business could end up quitting because delayed gratification is too difficult or they do not understand the importance of long term personal growth for their business to grow.

Entrepreneurs constantly invest in themselves and usually work without pay for many years.  They understand delayed gratification because they realize that the eventual pay off can be quite profitable.   Many experience losses and overcome them because they've grown personally and have the confidence to do it all over again.   Entrepreneurs act and present themselves as professionals with a business minded attitude.  Having this sort of attitude will create more attraction to any enterprise. 

It's up to the leaders in our industry to show professionalism at all times.  It's important not to bash another person's company, product or convince them to join another company when they have said they are happy with what they are doing.  Help people who are interested to realize that they too can be successful and then show them how to get there on their time schedule by finding out what their dreams and goals are.

When we do all the right things now we will see the positive results come back to us in the near future.  Three, four or even five years are not much time to invest in the freedom that a career in network marketing can provide for women.   What does it matter as long as we get there right?

As a wife and mom, I'm proud of the choice I made to develop a career in the Network Marketing profession.   I'm extremely proud to be living in a country where women have the freedom to choose a profession, empower other women and build around the family. 



Sue is a professional Network Marketer and Direct Selling coach, entrepreneur, mentor, author, speaker and leader who has been in business since 1996.  She has created a full time career in the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons.   Co-author of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance book 'Build It Big' - 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts & a trainer on their Mentored By The Master Series CD.  She is a contributing writer for The Network Marketing Business Journal, Home Business magazine,, and and has shared her journey as a woman entrepreneur and business leader on several home business radio shows since 2001.  More about Sue's coaching at -





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