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Social Media & Facebook Etiquette

We'd all like to attract, influence, and build more relationships on Facebook and other social media community’s right?  We want more friends and connections that lead to long term relationships, yes?   We certainly don't want to be accused of harassing or turning people off do we?  

Lesson #1 - Another person's Facebook wall or a corporate fan page is never a place for us to post links to our company, programs or opportunities, marketing systems, online deals, lead programs, systems, or affiliate programs.  Just don't do it.   Doing this is as intrusive as walking into someone's living room and plopping down our products and business information on their coffee table without their permission.  It's the old school ambush method, it's rude, it's offensive, and it just doesn't work or build long term relationships these days.  And certainly could even do some harm to a friendship.  Yeah they can unfollow you or unfriend you. 

Here's what happens when someone does this on Facebook and this applies to posting on a person's private Facebook timeline


1.  We realize people who may do this are either very new to the Internet and just do not know it's inappropriate, or when they continue to do this, it ends up becoming rude and annoying, especially when someone makes it perfectly clear what company they are associated with.  When a person has a Facebook badge or Timeline with their company logo it's pretty obvious...

2.  Anyone who does continue to do this over and over after it's been explained several times, people start to remember the name and are not very happy about this sort of blatant obnoxious behavior and are certainly not impressed with them and most likely these spammers become unfriended, blocked and sometimes reported if the spamming continues.  And that's really what it is.  It's spamming when someone is sending something or posting something uninvited. 

3.  People use the delete button too when someone isn't being considerate...

4.  Doing this actually turns people off and doesn't help make more connections or produce any real relationships with people or anything positive, so it is not worth the time becoming someone who's not liked much right? And we all know how important a LIKE can be on Facebook!   Having lots of LIKES is a good thing. <smile>


5.  It's also not appropriate to troll someone's Facebook page and contact their friends about your opportunity, especially when they have asked for information from the person who's page they are visiting.  Anyone who continues to do this risk their reputation and integrity.  Remember what goes around comes around and it's even an offense that can get an account shut down if someone is reported enough times. 

6. Posting about politics all the time gets old too.  People become weary of all the negativity.  (added this one in 2018)


The best thing to do is to teach someone who is less informed on Facebook and/or social media etiquette, to choose wisely on how to network and connect properly on Facebook and most importantly build relationships and plant seeds!   A good example is the book, 'How to Make Friends and Influence People.'  I highly recommend reading this good old fashioned book. 

When a company has issues and a person with that company decides to move on, it's not appropriate for them to start trolling Facebook to send people who have decided to stay with that company, links to a new opportunity especially when they never requested the information.   If they contact someone privately or if a company has closed down that's a different situation.  People will then most likely be in the looking zone and will be in touch with the people they have built relationships with.   Do not go onto someone's Facebook wall and post information or links to another business opportunity, affiliate or program, unless they have given permission to do so.

Those who are interested and seeking information about a company, products or services, will connect with the people they have been networking, keeping in touch and building relationships with and those they really LIKE.

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Sue is an entrepreneur who has been networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996.  She created a full time professional career and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and their Australian Shepherd Titan. They raised two grown son's together who are out on their own and developing their own successful careers.   She is co-author of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance book 'Build It Big' - 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts & trainer on their Mentored by the Master Series CD and contributing writer for The Network Marketing Business Journal, Home Business Magazine and  She is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health. She is passionate about gluten free cooking and organic gardening. For home business coaching, recipes, foodies, wellness solutions, business ideas, visit her other blogs at - & Gluten Free Lady

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