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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." ~ Melody Beattie

Top Questions To Ask When Contacting People



Motivation Question?


Starting Point: Find out what their real needs are. 


Hi, may I please speak with Jim please; this is Sue Seward in Austin Texas responding to his request for information.


(Hi Jim, you have recently responded to an ad indicating that you are looking for a home-based business.   OR   

Hi Jim,  I received your name from a list that indicated you are looking to create an additional revenue/income stream.   Is that correct?)

Great.  Do you have a few minutes right now so I can determine how to help you?


Opening Question?

Do you mind if I ask you a couple questions to help me better understand what you may be looking for?

(I'm just a little curious, could you share with me a little about yourself and your background and why you decided that the timing is right to take a look at ____ now?")



The Exploratory Question?


"You said that the reason you decided to look at _____ was because . . . (repeat what they told you).  What did you mean by that?

Listen for them to reveal their dissatisfactions regarding their finances, their freedom and jobs.


The Financial Problem Question ?

"Are you completely satisfied with the amount of money you're making right now?"


If they say no, "Why do you say that?"


TheFreedom Question ? 


"How do you feel about the amount of free time you have to do the things you'd like to do with your family?"

If dissatisfied, "Would you explain what you mean by that please?"



The Job Dissatisfaction Question ?


"Are you totally happy with the kind of work you're doing now?"  If says no, "Would you give me an example of what you mean?"

"And where do you see yourself in FIVE years?" (This will be their main Why or Purpose)



The Reality Check Questions?

You are probably aware of the 80/20 rule, that 80% of ALL business's fail.  What are your strengths that you think will help you to be a part of the 20% that succeed?  What are your weaknesses where you think you need improvement?  If money were no problem, what would be 2 things you'd really love to be doing, having, be?


The Solution Question?


Playback (summarize) to your prospects the specific problems they told you about regarding their financial, freedom and job dissatisfactions and then ask this question:

"What would it mean to you and your family if you found a business venture that would solve all of those problems for you?"


The Basic Qualifying Question?

Ask this question BEFORE you demonstrate products, marketing plan and systems:

"Name if I can demonstrate to you that our company's business venture will solve all of the issues you have expressed to me today, are you ready to make a serious commitment and get started?"  And, if you like what you see, is there anything that would stop you from getting started right away?


The Specific Benefits Question?

As you demonstrate the benefits of _____, and compensation plan, be sure to show them how your business will solve their problems expressed earlier. (Let the system tell the story by using the recorded calls and LIVE webinar calls.  Then 3 way into one of your sponsor or other experienced business partners if you feel the need to). And, explain the incredible tax advantages of a home based business that would now be made available to them  An extra $5-15k a year in legitimate deductions!

"Now that I have explained our entire program to you, do you see how this will meet your needs to your satisfaction?" 


The Test Question To Move Them Forward

Look them directly in the eyes if face-to-face.  Get the husband and wife to respond separately.


"Mr. &Mrs. _____, do you see how you will benefit by being a part of our ____ family?  And start taking advantage of the tax savings immediately!


Simply take out the paperwork (agreements) and write them up OR enroll them on your website.


I've built a career in the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession for thelast 20 plus years.  For more information on training or if you would like to speak with me personally about partnering with us visit - or visit my blog at



Sue & Clif Seward

Graduates of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University in 2017

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