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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." ~ Melody Beattie

Webinar Internet Marketing Coaching
I just wanted to tell you how helpful the webinar was.  I am a visual learner so it
was great.  I am now looking forward to much more training.
Also, I am so thankful that I found you and Scent-Sations.  You have so much
knowledge (MLM and internet) and I just love learning as much as I can.  Thank
you for being so patient with me.  Each day I learn more and am confident that
in a short time I will get a good handle on all of this. 
Thanks again and have a good evening.
I was very impressed Sue with not only the system but the ease you had 
explaining everything.  Very professional presentation Sue. 
Sue,  It was an outstanding presentation.  I was very impressed with your ease
and self confidence.  I like that a lot.  I am so glad to have finally found a mentor
that will help me get to where I want to be in this business.  The online visibility
was super for someone who is really a visual person.  It makes it so much easier
to follow along.  Now if my hand could write as fast as the eye can see, I'd be good!
I am trying to get signed up on Aweber with an affiliate link and have forgotten
what number I use.  I don't use yours do I?  I use my own but I am not sure what
it is!  I have it somewhere but I may have to ask for it again.  I have so much
information circling around in my head that my brain feels like mush!  LOL!

Thanks again for all you are doing to make me a success!

Women's Conference speech at a company Convention

in Salt Lake City 2000. 

Be sure your speakers are turned up!


I've known Sue Seward since the mid nineties when she joined me in network marketing.

At that time she referred to herself as a "stay at home mom", but I could see her tremendous

potential. Sue was dedicated to learning how to be successful in network marketing and

how to market on the internet. I taught her all I knew, but she passed me quickly and went

on to be a huge success. Where I was once her teacher and mentor, I now consider her my

friend. I'm very proud of Sue, the person she has become, and the success she has achieved.

Sue is a leader in the truest sense of the word. -

Rod Nichols, Author, Pastor, Network Marketing Professional


I'm grateful to be associated with one of the hardest workers and one of the most
dedicated leader, trainer and teacher in network marketing today.  As a contributor
of Sue has helped not only people in her own
organization but she has helped thousands of readers worldwide.  I'm proud to
have Sue as one of our favorite authors and to call her my friend.

Aim High!

George Madiou - President and Co-founder

The Network Marketing Magazine, Inc


Thank you so much Sue - we really appreciate you and your expertise.  This is going to be a very
exciting year my friend.  Lot's of great things to look forward to for the people that have made the
profession what it is today - we applaud you and those independent representatives that are
making it happen

To Your Abundance, 

Gracanne Keohohou Lee

Direct Selling Women's Alliance

Phone:  888-417-0743

Fax: 888-453-5114



Hi Sue, 
Just a few things I want to share with you:
1) The training is some of the best training I've seen in this industry.  It is just incredible, and so easy for people to get plugged into.  I'm impressed!
2) On your site, you have something on your home page that truly blessed me today, and helped me to understand personal growth in a way that I've never thought about it before.  I thank you for what you shared on your site, and have written for others to glean from...

"We grow in difficult times!  I literally have learned this from real life experience.  Growth comes when you have to overlook an insult, forgive a wrong, and do the right thing even when the wrong this is happening and you do not understand why it's happening.  It's not happening TO you, it's happening FOR you!" 

That is a very insightful statement!  

You're a good leader, Sue, and I'm glad to be on board with you, girl!  Looking forward to growing myself, and my business under you.


Have a great day,

Debra Smith


I spent my whole life either owning or managing small businesses.  I was always very successful at it.  The bad thing was however, I never had any piece of mind.  There always seemed to be struggles and problems and more struggles and more problems.  That just seemed to be the way business is.  

When your company is small you have no time and no money.  As your company grows you really have no time and often times the hours / money ratio is still very poor.   

That's why Robert Kiyosaki author of a whole slew of New York Best selling books including Rich Dad Poor Dad  simply states "I feel sorry for anyone in their own business regardless of size, except those in Network Marketing."  Robert Allen says the same. Donald Trump says the same and on and on it goes.  

So what do we do?  How do we determine the best company to be with?  It's not easy.  I still get probably 5 different offers a day.  They all promise basically the same thing , huge rewards for very little effort. They all sound tempting.   So once again " what do we do?"  

Some of you know my story or at least bits of it perhaps.  I would like to say that after 50 years of age my finances are in order, investments are flourishing and that I spend my summers vacationing. But I can't.  

After working harder than anyone I know, at age 50, I was no better off than I was at 30.  Reality--- embarrassingly enough, I was worse off.   

One of the few things I had going for me was  a very good friend in Texas  who I should have listening to all along.

I always ask everyone to Google Sue Sewards name because simply put it shows you the credible person I chose to turn to.   

She knows all the different offers we are deluged with.  She is a home business expert and her advice to me was Bruce, "This is the one and only business to be in.   Stop looking this is the real thing.   Here's the piece of mind you are looking for."  To make a long story short she was right.   

If your looking, please consider this business.  Your investment is small, your training is the best anywhere, your product is superior. You'll be with truly some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. The price is right.  

You'll be able to have and offer piece of mind knowing that with all the offers out there you made perhaps the smartest choice in all of Network Marketing.   

Sue knows it, and everyone in this business knows it.  Come join us.   

We want you along on the ride, and remember------- we'll do it together.  Take care.

Bruce Oberlin

Small Business Owner


We all know that creating an online presence is an essential part of having a comprehensive business plan for any MLM opportunity. Knowing and doing are two different things. It's exciting to be working directly with you, Sue, given your 12 years of experience online.

The internet training you've put together for the benefit of our team will be a practical, comprehensive, "how to" series. It's not a "cookie-cutter" approach - this is not a "do everything that I'm doing" approach.

Individual team members will be able to design their online marketing plans choosing what will fit their personalities and their financial budgets. I'm excited to be on the frontlines of the internet with you! 

Kathy P



Thanks Sue! 

It's exciting as I'm starting to venture out into real online networking with the tools you've coached me on. 
You are a wonderful mentor!  I appreciate you everyday!


Hey Sue, 

I wrote to you a few days, responding to your email, but it bounced back from AOL so I'm sending this to another
account as well.

Thanks so much for the kind words, encouragement and being such a great mentor.  I've made it this far because
you gave me such a solid start and something big to aspire to internet marketer just like you!

My goal for 2006 is to really dig into some internet marketing areas I haven't yet, ones that I think your really the
"key" to the online entrepreneur.  Article writing, my own newsletter, networking forums, blogging, and pod casting
are all on the agenda.

Thanks for sharing my article.  I'm going to submit to a few others places for publication as well.  It's quite long,
though, do you think I should cut it down?

I'm starting to draft a few other articles and over vacation, I'm building my main site, which
I'll start promoting and using in the bio. Box.

Thanks for supporting Amber!   She is so fortunate to have your expertise right in her neighborhood!  I hope the
connections from Curve will bring her more team members.  

Our team is really growing and there are a handful of really awesome stars on board.  My goal is Senior Director by
Spring Fling.could be iffy with after holiday volumes, but we have some momentum entering 2006!

Any new projects you're working on or coaching calls?

Thanks for everything, Sue! 

I so appreciate you! 

Deb Warren


Hi Sue
My name is Peter and I'm under Leoni in Australia. 7 of us went to the
first Aussie convention, it was great. Dr Templeman reminds me of Santa
Claus. We have a 100k here who spoke to the the (she named them) four
groups who dominate the emerging market here. She said  that they
weren't in competition with each other but that the global pool would benefit
them all. Well they have underestimated us.
"If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping with
a Mosquito" Dali Lama.
P.S. thanks for the e-mail advice and can you send me the e-book I will
find time to read it while I'm signing up Distributors



"I'm Shooting For The Moon.  If I Don't Make It, I'll Still Land Among The Stars"

I can't thank you enough for your encouragement and guidance.  I plan to do
the same for others!!
Thank You,
Barbara P.
Hello Sue,
My name is Karen B and I was on the call you did for Jackie Geisinger & Jafra earlier this
month.  We spoke during the call and I just have to tell you that I meant to email before now,
but kept forgetting to do so.  I don't always remember things as I'd like ..... But eventually it
happens ...... Generally when someone else reminds me though!
Anyway, I was speaking with Jackie and told her that I was doing something you spoke to us
about and was getting much success and she told me to email you & let you know.  Of course
I meant to do that already, but am doing it NOW before I forget again .....
I placed an Ad in a newspaper and instead of just calling those who left messages, I even
returned the calls to those who did not .... The Hang-up-ers.  Wow, what a great response
I've gotten.  I knew when you said it that I never would have considered doing that in the
past.  As a matter of fact, I would just dismiss those who didn't leave messages.  However,
doing as you said has given me great results in that persons who second guessed themselves
were pleasantly surprised to find that what they thought was much different than what
actually was ...... 
So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your words of wisdom &
sharing it with us in Jafra.
Also, Jackie mentioned to me that she gave you some of our wonderful skin care products
so you'd have a complete system to use.  She also suggested that I let you know that I
would be happy & honored to become your Jafra connection should you decide to continue
with its use in helping to keep you looking younger & feeling wonderful! 
If the above is acceptable to you, just let me know & I'll be sure to stay in touch with
you about every 2 months.  If you'd prefer a catalog in the mail or to receive emails,
either can be done by me.  Just let me know which.
Thanks again for speaking to us earlier in the month and I am an avid reader of your
indepth article on the success of our business, "Never Give Up!"
Looking forward to your reply,
Karen B.

'Become A Master Networker On The Internet'.

Click Here To Listen To The Audio Training Online (37 min)

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      Click On Audio Link To Hear Ben Wardlaw - Entrepreneur - from Georgia.
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Click On Audio Link To Listen To Chip Snyder - Attorney - Audio Testimonial Make
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"Having known Sue Seward for almost five years, I can say, without any
reservation, she is a true leader, mentor and coach. You can add to those
qualities her extensive Ecommerce experience, vision, strong value-added
communication skills, high integrity and a sincere commitment to family
and friends. Sue's intense desire to assist others, without hype or pressure
but, rather, with substance is most refreshing. Sue is a ?go to' person that
will always deliver!"

Chip Snyder

Hi Sue, 

I am making Ray aware of your inquiry. Ray, please note my prior email to Sue, who is
top shelf, I have known her for years and you can listen to her interview at She brings that ?personal touch' that will help grow
and develop in their abilities.



Hey Sue - thanks for the email.  I am presently in a business but it is
not going as well as I want it to go. 

I am not a fan of jumping from one thing to another but I am at the age
where I would like to have some retirement income sometime in the
future.  What I do from day to day will not cut it.
 I was sent a link to your site and it is
the best darn link I have ever received!

I have been all over your site and it is fabulous (I sent my upline in
my present business to your site last night)!  I would really like get
more results from the internet.  I think I have learned more about the
networking business from your site in a few nights than I have over the
years I have been messing about with different MLM's.  Thank you!

I guess you could say I am conflicted about staying where I am or
starting with. 

Richard in Canada



Hi Sue - thanks for taking so much time with me today.  I really appreciate

You helped me focus more clearly on what I need to do to achieve my goals
and create a secure retirement.

I will probably have some questions if that is OK with you.  I would like to
improve my internet presence and may ask for advice on hosting and
services, etc.

Perhaps the newsletter will answer these questions. 

Once again - thank you so much!

Rich in Canada


I just wanted to thank Sue and Stephanie for such an awesome training
call on web sites and internet marketing last night. I know that this
was just an overview, but I have gained so much information. I was
very confused regarding this subject but after last night I am
definately more informed. I highly recommend everyone to listen to
recording and to be on next week's call.

Thanks for listening!

Maria in Gettysburg, PA

Internet Marketing Training With Sue Seward

Listen Here! Call #1


Listen Here! Call #2



Hi Deb, Thanks so much I hope you know how much I appreciate you recording these,
cause I sure do! I would love to have the code to post on a page for the buttons,
that would be great!
Sue, You did a fantastic job on the call!
Thank you both for all of your support and contribution!
Love ya!
Stephanie S.

from Georgia Ana L.

Thank you, Sue, for taking the time to share your expertise and hard-won nuggets of marketing wisdom with our team. The really helpful bits I took away from listening you talk were these: (1) There's no substitute for a combination of consistent effort and patience in internet marketing; (2) "Branding" yourself (loved your practical tips on how to do this!) is an integral and essential part of building an online presence; (3) Balance is everything when it comes to making an enduring investment in the internet marketing game -- i.e., don't lose sight of your own needs and those of your family as you pursue your professional goals. Thanks for sharing so openly from your heart and life experience.

Hi Sue,
I have been having trouble with my computer as well so I thank
you for sending me your new email address and for the
kind words.
I enjoy coaching and training others! It is an honor for me to
be able to help others through the call.  I am so glad that you
were there!  And I so appreciate the support!
And, yes, yes, yes, please do send me the new Internet Article
you have written.  I could spend my whole day on the phone and online
and be a happy camper so I have found my niche.  There is so much I
want to do and am looking to this summer when my husband is home to
be able to branch out and try new venues, developing a newsletter, etc
while he becomes Mr. Mom!
Thanks for your time, Sue. I want to learn all that you have share.
I admire your success and feel blessed to have you as a mentor
and upline!
Have a great evening, Sue!
Kelly W.


Hi Sue,
I have been having trouble with my computer as well so I thank
you for sending me your new email address and for the
kind words.
I enjoy coaching and training others! It is an honor for me to
be able to help others through the call.  I am so glad that you
were there!  And I so appreciate the support!
And, yes, yes, yes, please do send me the new Internet Article
you have written.  I could spend my whole day on the phone and online
and be a happy camper so I have found my niche.  There is so much I
want to do and am looking to this summer when my husband is home to
be able to branch out and try new venues, developing a newsletter, etc
while he becomes Mr. Mom!
Thanks for your time, Sue. I want to learn all that you have share.
I admire your success and feel blessed to have you as a mentor
and upline!
Have a great evening, Sue!
Kelly W.




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You know the story....I tryed the product because of you!!!!! I continue
because of my seven year old son Chance's comments.   I've had several
people contact me with this company and that company but this is the
best opportunity I've seen come around in a very long time!  This is the one I'm
retiring with!

Thax Turner
Memphis, Tenn


Sue & Becky

Wonderful job this morning!
There probably would have been even more people on the call if they had known
you two were doing it and what was going to be covered - but obviously the decision
to have you do it wasn't made until very late.
I hope you, two, will do it again.  Also, some of the other training possibilities you
mentioned sounded great. 
Thanks so much for pulling all this info together.
Janatha P.
Becky and Sue did a superb training call this morning, Prospecting & Internet Marketing 101. 
We would love to see this call done on some sort of scheduled basis, if possible,
because every new distributor, experienced in network marketing or not,
could learn from it.  We did!
Jason & Janatha  P.

 Subject: Great Call This Morning!
Date: Oct 9, 2004 11:04 am


I'm Dean, my wife Andrea and I are fellow Team MVP
members. We were on the Team training call this morning -
great job! It is always good to hear other successful team members
perspectives and tips!

P.S. Feel free to add both my wife Andrea and I as Ryze friends.
After all we've been in the same circle for a few months
and I'm sure we will get to know each other better as time

P.S.S. I took a quick peek at your website... looks great! I look
forward to surfing it some more.


Dean Mercado




That is AWESOME!!!!!  My oh My,  you're an INCREDIBLE writer!!!!
I know that I've said this many many times.  :-)  I just love reading
what you write.  We are so fortunate to have you as part of our
Team! :-)

Becky Kelly


Thank you so much for the congratulations!
I remember years ago, first seeing you online and continueing to read everything
that you wrote, learning from the example you've set and being inspired by you
daily over the years!
You're a great leader, coach and example for our industry and am so proud  and
honored to be a part of a great team with you and call you my friend!
I hope you, your family and partners enjoyed a wonderful holiday filled with many
blessing to be thankful for and many more to come!
Love ya!
Stephanie S.

My name is Simon Ngalo from South Africa. I' m running a small business at home
and I'm plaesed to tell you that your tips are working for my business. I found
them while Iwas looking the MLM web site. I hope to get more help from your site.
I'll be happy to get the copy of the book' How to select a home business'.

Subj: Empowering Training Call 

Thanks for providing the most beneficial training call on Newsletters I've ever attended! 
The information was empowering for the novice.  You offered great tips, ideas, and
strategies on how to write, launch, and build your newsletter and opt in list.

My mind is swirling with ideas to implement!

Thanks again,

Deb Warren>>


Hi Sue,

I was there today! Guess you didn't hear
me announce myself when I came on! I
think I came in when you were talking with
someone else, so perhaps I didn't open my
big mouth wide enough!

I promise to announce myself loudly next

I'm finding everything to be very, very
helpful to me, also. Today, your
talk about branding was interesting.
It's really helping me to understand why
it takes a little lead time to get this thing
going and reinforces the fact that you need
to stick with it for the long haul, because
not much is going to happen in 3 months.

It's also so much more than sticking a
bunch of leads in an autoresponder system
and expecting miracles without having to
do anything else. I didn't really understand
that at the beginning but I do now.

I really find myself looking forward to this
class every week. I appreciate you and all
the knowledge that you're sharing with us.

Have a great day!

Mary E.


Hi Sue,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the invitation to your
Internet Marketing Training Course. I really appreciate the
opportunity to learn from your experience and mastery. Yesterdays
call was so informative and I found each area that you covered
very helpful. The format you've shared with us about the direction
for the course sounds fantastic and I'm really looking forward to
the calls each week!

Stephanie S.


This is from Angie in the UK

Hi Sue,
            Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the conference call yesterday. I

was buzzing with ideas after it and look forward to the notes and the next call.

     Thanks for your help.

          Angie Cook

Hi Sue,

Yes, I was on the call this morning and found it very informative.

Thank you. Velma


Hi Sue..
This is addressed to my husband Mike but this is Pam responding.
I was on your call today - found it informative, thank you.
I also expect to attend the remaining classes.


Hi Sue,

I was on the call today and enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to
getting into more detailed subjects. I am planning to be on all training
calls, so that, I can pick up as much as possible. Looking forward to
next Tuesday. Thanks!

Dennis Ginder


I thought it was very good too. I will
be there every week.


Sue, I'll be on your class next week. Pat

Good Day Mrs Sue,

I like to ask more about advertising our business on the free sites. I joined in
the business world list, and put my ad each day. I saw that everyones putting
directly the business site on the ad, so I did the same. But have not seen
any hits yet from there.

I was just taking a review on the training yesterday, regarding people likes to
know first with whom they are doing or partnering up the business with, right.

Will it be workable to put the business site and our webpage link(like the ryce
facepage) together in the advertisement with additional words for them to know
the real person offering this opportunity. I'm new to the advertising online, so
I like to know some sharing from the team who knows and have been getting
the effectiveness on using the advertising sites.

I too receive lots of advertising mails, but if I have to put myself as an
opportunity-seeker I would ignore these ads, I would like to KNOW the
person first sending me the ad. Its just like when I get into this business,
I get to know you first to partner up with in this business.

I like to hear some input from you regarding making use of these ads
sites effectively.

Thanks and Best regards,
Sanjay K.R.

Sue & Clif Seward

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