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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." ~ Melody Beattie

Times They Are A Changing You Ready To Soar?!

There's nothing like enjoying the moment and not being afraid of change remeberin that 'this too shall pass' because nothing remains the same forever does it?

No matter where we are in our lives it's important to remember that it's not going to last forever.  Things are going to change and the more we resist the more we miss out on bigger and better opportunities to grow into something wonderful!   I've learned this the hard way through my own stubbornness and resistance to change.   Sometimes it feels so much better and more comfortable to just stay the same.   The problem is when we do this we do not allow ourselves to become something more wonderful.

Many years ago my husband and I attended a spiritual retreat called 'The Walk To Emmaus'.

On one of the women's retreats our theme for that weekend was 'A Time For Everything' which was based on the scripture Ecclesiastes 2:3 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."

There was also a teen's retreat which my husband attended as a servant leader.  They called it 'Chrysalis' which meant 'a time for change'.

Think about what the caterpillar worm goes through.  It knows there is a time for change in order to become something better.

When a caterpillar enters a cocoon as a worm he says I'm not going to stay the same old worm I've always been.  No, I'm not!  I'm in the process of change.  I won't be a worm forever, you just wait and see.  One day I'm gonna be something totally different  from what I am right now.   I'm gonna become a beautiful butterfly!

Before the caterpillar enters his cocoon, to get from one place to the other he has to crawl slowly and tirelessly on the ground or on a twig.  Then it's the Chrysalis, a time for change, so he spins his cocoon with much effort because he knows it's worth it, and crawls into it for awhile (not forever though).

When he struggles his way out of that cocoon (and he must fight his way out by himself if he's going to develop and survive!).   When he comes out he has been totally changed into something wonderful, bigger and better and able to soar higher and higher!

There's an old saying about a man who saw a butterfly struggling to emerge from his cocoon.   The man felt sorry for the butterfly having to struggle so hard to get out so he decided to help the poor creature.  He broke open the cocoon and pulled the developing butterfly out.  In just a matter of minutes the weakened creature curled up and died.   He never had a chance to change and become something better.

If we were to go about life without any struggles or adversity to overcome, we'd never have a chance to develop the strength necessary to grow into something better and the stamina to survive in this world.

So many times I've asked God to help me during the building of my Network Marketing career.  The thing is through all the adversity, disappointments, and discouragement striving to evolve, I was struggling to emerge from my own cocoon.   If God or anyone else had done every single thing for me I would have been weakened and not developed into the servant leader He planned for me to become.

Instead I went through the struggles, learned by school of hard knocks, continued to emerge and grow into a better person and a stronger servant leader.   I'm still learning and growing and having to accept change because the Chrysalis is always inevitable.

When we accept change rather than resist it and learn to adapt to the now, realizing it won't last forever, then we have the opportunity to enjoy the moment while we are being transformed into something wonderful!

Soar Onward & Upward!

Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady

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