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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." ~ Melody Beattie

"Help!!!   The Sky Is Falling!  How Can We Better Position Ourselves To Take Advantage Of The Fall Out?!"

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Everyone seems to be stuck like a deer in the headlights because of all the bad economic news lately.  The worse thing people can do is to do nothing and that's why many will remain stuck in their situation and it's going to get worse.

Meanwhile the rich are getting RICHER and the poor chicken littles are getting poorer!   People are allowing their American Dream to be stolen right out from under them because of FEAR!

Now is the time to take action and start taking BACK the American Dream!  Doesn't that sound like a better plan than just hiding our heads in the sand?

Starting a business in Network Marketing is the solution and the best time to start investing in your future is right NOW.   What's important is not only to realize that this is happening, what's really important is that you select the perfect vehicle to that will help you take advantage of some really great opportunities that are going to be available.

Find something that is affordable, simple, profitable and a sure bet for taking back the American Dream and helping more people to be in a better position financially to take advantage when the next famine strikes!

Do you want to be ready for the fire sale or will you be consumed by the fire?

It's your choice!

Get prepared NOW by taking the right actions steps towards a brighter financial future!

When I became seriously ill this past year I could not work sometimes for weeks at a time and my income still came in.  In fact, I earned a 6 figure income that paid our expenses.  If all I was doing was retailing products I would have gone broke.  

What would happen if you got sick?  Or your spouse or child became ill and you could not work?  Would your income stop?

What's important to note is the LEVERAGE developed with a Network Marketing enterprise - ahhhh - the real beauty behind our profession that many people may take for granted and some really do not quite understand this extremely important concept.   So I'd like to help more people understand because it's where  real freedom comes into your life once you understand why it's so important - how to get it - and how to make it work for everyone.

In my own business I do a lot of delegating and build depth.    One of the things I've learned  from a favorite business mentor, Donald Trump, is to surround yourself with great people and I've been able to do this by networking, making connections online and building long term relationships.  I'm constantly networking not only with people who will work directly in my business enterprise but also people upline and crossline in my business as well as others within the same profession who are not even directly related with my company.     Because someday they could be.  You never know do ya?


Something else important that I have learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump is about leveraging other people's time and money.   So I recommend reading their books to understand more about what it means to be an entrepreneur and what leverage can mean to you as a business person. 

Building any type of business enterprise takes hard work and it will take time depending on each person's personal situation, budget, etc. and yes it can be done for anyone who has the desire and determination and for anyone who does not quit.    It will take some sacrifice too which many people will just not commit to upfront to get more in the back end.  That's called delayed gratification and it's a tough one when so many people are cash addicted and want money right now. 

This is why it's so crucial to find an in demand product to distribute that has a 100% wholesale to retail mark up to solve this issue for the majority of people who must have cash flow.    This way people can put cash in their pocket day one while they are building up their long term residual income because most are not entrepreneurial.  This is a character trait that has to be developed in most people.  Some people are just naturally entrepreneurial.  The majority of people though are not and waiting for years to develop an income stream just won't cut it for them.   It's really why so many people quit in Network Marketing.  They settle for going back to the boss for the paycheck at the end of the week or month.


Entrepreneurs are risk takers and they are laser focused on their goals and they understand what it means to sacrifice to accomplish their goals and dreams.  When I started in 1996 my goal was to build a successful career income in Network Marketing.   I had absolutely no desire to work for someone else because I've always been quite entrepreneurial although I had a lot of work to do on myself personally!  


Most people are used to being employees and having someone dictate to them what to do, when to do it and how long to do it.   It's hard sometimes to break out of that mold and become independent.  It takes hard work on yourself to build yourself into an entrepreneur.  The first thing everyone must do is decide this is what you want and then set your goals, put your plan in place and take action.

Latch on to a mentor who has done it and be extremely coach-able.   The more you learn to let go of control the more leverage you'll develop in your business.   


The first thing I recommend is to treat your business like a REAL business right from the start. This is what I did when starting online in 1996.   I was extremely coach-able, consistent every day exposing my business online and offline.  I was very persistent and did not let anyone steal my dreams.   There were a lot of people who tried too including my own immediate family who made fun of me at every holiday dinner.  They do not do that now.  In fact, they all have the utmost of respect now because of what I've accomplished and realize I stayed the course and never gave up on my dreams.


I worked extremely hard for the first 3 to 5 years not looking up much and made a lot of sacrifices to accomplish some big goals and dreams and then when I became very ill this past year the income never stopped because of all those efforts in the beginning and because I was so determined to make it work and would never give up.    Remember the alternative was going to work for someone else.  


Self-Development was always critical and there was no way around that - when I started in 1996 I had no income of my own, no credibility or contacts, no degrees, no corporate background and not much confidence.  I did not even know what an email or the Internet was.   So I dug in and started learning everything about Network Marketing, business, how to build a presence online from mentors and started a personal growth journey.   It took money to get it going and the business is paying off! 


Now the income comes in even when I cannot or do not wish to work.  In other words I can take two months off without asking anyone's permission and still have an income coming in.    What this means is - leverage.


Set your plan of action in motion - work your plan everyday consistently to expose your business to others - help as many people as you can to get there too - support your organization and your upline as well as the company management  and do not let anyone steal your dreams-


Here's a book recommendation for those who are leaders, those who would like to be a better one and for those who are aspiring to become one -

Hand Me Another Brick - Timeless Lessons On Leadership - How Effective Leaders Motivate Themselves And Others by Charles Swindole.   This is one of the most powerfully effective books on leadership I have ever read and I'm now reading it again for the fifth time and applying the principles to my business enterprise and relationships with people.    Always growing and learning.


When you develop into a leader this is when your income really starts to grow.   It does not happen the other way around.  Becoming a leader takes hard work, no one is born that way. It doesn't develop when you're sitting on a beach sipping out of a coconut.    Leadership develops through hardship, disappointment, sacrifice, rejection, discouragement and hearing 'no' more times than you want to count.   Leaders are developed when they do not give up.


Jim Rohn says " Success is not to be pursued it is to be attracted by the person we become".


Set your dreams big and then grow into the person to achieve those dreams and you will be compensated well and build a security for yourself and your family for many years to come!

Here's a special audio download for you with Donald Trump on 'Thinking BIG' & Robert Kiyosaki on 'The Art Of WINNING'.

Please click the link below to download your bonus audio clips.


Call me today and I'll share with you what I've done to create this passive residual income in a recession proof business and teach you how to put cash in your pocket day one while you're building a plan B to secure your future.

You Were Created For Success!
Sue Seward


Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, full time career earner in Network Marketing, who has been making connections from home online since 1996.  She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'.  Find out how to subscribe to her Networking -101 eCourse at



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