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How To Connect With People When Calling & What To Ask?

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The purpose in calling a cold market contact (that has answered an ad, from a pay per click coop, or they've been on a contact list for some time and have raised their hand with interest, or they are from a generic lead company) is to find out from them if they will need further information so that you and they together can determine if what you're doing is something they'd like to do too or perhaps the product/service you have would benefit them.

Find out first if it's a good time to be calling and if they have a few minutes for an interview.  People do not like to be disrupted while they are having dinner with their family or they are in the middle of helping with the homework or they may be running out the door.  Start with asking some important questions.  Asking questions will determine what a person's values are and what's important to them.  This makes it easier for you to help them when you know where they are coming from right?

Before calling someone do not assume that this is going to be right for them.  It's not for everyone and at the same time do not prejudge anyone.    Listen for a positive, friendly attitude, and the willingness to answer some questions.  This is your interview and you're looking for CEO's for your company so have a take charge in control attitude.   Instead of focusing on the outcome, just relax.  Your job is to find out what this person is really interested in.    Make a habit or make it a job to call 5, 10, 20 (what ever amount fits your schedule) people a day and focus on doing this consistently.   For anyone who's new to calling cold leads it's easier to focus this way instead of being so wrapped up in signing someone up on that first call. 

This first initial call is not the time for a lot of social chit chat it's actually a disqualifying call.  After all, this may not be the right timing for this person so being able to quickly find this out saves time.   On the other hand you've also got to break the ice with them.

This call should take about 15 to 20 minutes and maybe even less depending on how long it takes to disqualify someone.   In some cases the call is over in a few minutes if they tell you flat out they are not interested and/or did not request information or they are rude acting.  Let them go!  We do not want to drag a horse to water and certainly do not want rude people in our fun business! 

Always remember who has the gold!  Network Marketing isn't for everyone. Can anyone do it?  Of course if they have true desire and determination. The question is - is this the right time for them to make a solid commitment and take that first step towards getting the appropriate information to make an informed decision? 

Always say whose calling and where you are calling from.  And that you are calling them back because they inquired about a home business, or answered an ad specific to your particular business, company or product.

Why did they respond to this particular advertisement?

Did they watch a Video presentation on your website?  What are they looking for and how long have they been looking?  What about that ad sparked their interest?

What do they do now? 

Do they work full time, part time?

What sort of interest do they have?  What is important to them?  What sort of action have they taken so far to get where they want to go?   Are they married, children?  Build some rapport here.

What action are they willing to take in the near future? 

When are they ready to get started?

Have they been laid off recently or how long ago if so? (If someone has been laid off and has no income at all this may be the first indication to you that the timing may not be right for them to start a business.  Finding this out is important because some people may not be in a financial position to start a business from home at this time. 

Some people may be looking for something for nothing too.  Let them know right away that this is a REAL business and there are some cost to get started.  If they are looking for something for nothing that they are most likely not very business oriented and do not understand what it takes to build a substantial long term business.

Some may not even have enough money to put food on the table, so you need to find this out.  Keep in mind this is a business and any legitimate business venture of value will have some start up costs.  I've read about many very successful people in this industry who were in desperate situations when they started their Network Marketing business.  They had a very strong desire to succeed and they did it on a shoe string budget, so it is possible for someone who is very determined.

If someone has filled out a contact form online ad or on your website go through the questions they checked -

"It says here, Mary, that you're looking for a home-based business, is that correct?"

"It also says that you have experience in Network Marketing, is that correct?"   "Tell me more about that".

If you don't have a survey always ask them if they have any experience with Network Marketing or have they owned a business before.  Do they have experience in Network Marketing or Direct Sells?  Tell me more about that.

"Mary, which companies have you been with or are with now?

"What do or did you like about that company?" 

"What do or did you dislike?"

"How did you do?"

"Mary, why are you looking for another company at this time?"

"When you first joined your company why did you join?"

"It says here that you would have 5 to 6 hours a day to devote to your home-based business, is that correct?" 

"It says here Mary, that you have such and such for startup cost for your business, is that correct?"  "Ok great, we can discuss that more later, right now the purpose of this call is to determine if you fit the profile we're looking for and from what I've determined so far about you Mary you do so our next step is to see if we fit yours.   Does it sound so far like we're on the same page?"

We may also say something like this........

"We realize this is a very important decision for you.  It's not our job to convince or talk you into something.  It's our job to find out if the timing is right for you and to make sure you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.  We're looking for highly motivated, self starting, positive people that are coachable and willing to commit to duplicate our proven system."

(Point out again that this is a real business.  Be very confident with posture.  Remember that you have something of value to share with people especially when they are in the looking zone.)

"Mary does this sound like something you would be interested in hearing more about?"  You can then invite them to an upcoming webinar business overview or send them a recorded link to one or both. 

Note:  (for those who are new it's important to consistently build belief through self-improvement.  We do this by attending conference call webinar trainings and/or events in the local area if there are any, reading books on Network Marketing, study product information and continue to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.)

I recommend a book called, 'The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, The Eight Hidden Values Of A Network Marketing Business' by Robert Kiyosaki.   This is a good study of why he recommends Network Marketing for the average person wanting to start their own business.  Kiyosaki also has several CD's for prospecting.  The Perfect Business & The Business Of the 21st Century'.

For anyone that does not feel comfortable making calls in the beginning make a few with the upline until more comfortable or listen in to live dials if those are available with your upline.

I've always been the sort of person that takes the bull by the horns and made lot's of mistakes in the beginning and have learned a lot by just doing the same things that work over and over and over again.  If one particular method doesn't work try something else.  Whatever happens though do not quit! 

Making calls becomes easier and easier as your belief gets stronger and stronger by doing the same thing over and over and over again.   Remember the people you're calling are just like you.  Most people are looking for a better life, especially with today's sluggish economy where many are losing job security. 

Our industry has received favorable press from popular business leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet to name a few.   You can help them get more out of life too with your opportunity to help the average person take back the American dream.

You won't really know how or become a better person until you just dive right in and do it!   Practice, practice, practice! 

The only place where action is useless is in your mind.  Do something and you'll achieve something.  Keep thinking about it and nothing happens.  Its 'applied knowledge' that will move any business forward!

If someone starts to ask what it is or what company you are with, always share with them the company you represent.

We are extremely proud to be representing our company and the Network Marketing industry, so this is not a problem to say so but you need to let them know that you do not have time at this point to go into all the details because you have a lot of calls to make. 

Say to them...."This is just an interview to determine if you fit the profile we're looking for and if you do I'll send you the information you need so you can decide if this is right for you, does that make sense to you?"  Most people, if they are truly in the looking zone for a home business , will say yes!   If not then it's time to move on.   We are looking for people in the looking zone right now.  Keep the ones who are not quite ready in a drip system for follow up.

It's your job to determine if every person you speak with is someone you would like to spend time and money on to mail out more information.  Remember it's your business and you determine who you are going to spend money on to mail out information (if that's what you normally do).  Is the person you are speaking with worth your time and money?

If someone becomes irate or rude, you do not have to work with them do you?  They just disqualified themselves, didn't they?   If someone hangs up on you good, they just saved you more time and money didn't they?

Remember this is your interview and you have the gold!  They may not fit the profile you're looking for if they are showing you they are not interested in answering your questions.

"Mary, I'm going to send you some information by mail (if this is what you do with your company and team) and some links to review online while you're waiting for your information to arrive in the mail."  It will take about 3 days to receive the information by mail so meantime I'd like to invite you to a live webinar business overview on (give day and time of the next webinar and send them an email with the information) Feel free anytime to call or email with any questions you have.  Does that sound good to you?" 

"I'll be following up with you next _______after you've had time to review the information I'm sending to you by mail (if you mail information, or attend the webinar, call a sizzle line, whatever you normally do with your business).  Does this same time work for you Mary?"

The best thing to do is invite someone to a live webinar overview asap while they are interested! 

On this second call you might have your upline with you to do the follow up call if you feel that's necessary.

Now I need to confirm your email and mailing address Mary.

Immediately after the first call send them this email with the links you promised to send -


Hi Mary


It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you on the phone this afternoon.  

I'm mailing out your packet of (information/samples etc., what ever you normally do with your company or team) on (the date).  In the meantime, feel free to look over my website and be sure to do your due diligence and attend one of our business overview webinars on (put in the day and time, link, etc.,) and give me a buzz with any questions you have.

I'll be in touch with you on__________________(or right after the webinar they attend) to answer your questions after you have had time to review the information.

Have a great week!

Your Sig Line here

When your contact has decided you, your company and product are all a good fit, direct them to the next step to becoming a distributor by signing up on your website.  Be sure to plug them into the team training and introduce them to other team members and get them started with the same system you are using to build the business so that they are able to duplicate your success too.  

Personally I never call people and hang up if no one answers.  I think that's a bit tacky and do not appreciate it when someone does that to me.  I have always left messages when voice mail picks up.  I leave my name, where I'm calling from, why I'm calling, and my return call phone number because the important thing to do is to make the connection.  Keep it short and simple and show them you're real. 

Remember if you want to know the answer to a question JUST ASK!

Sue is a Network Marketing professional and business owner who has been networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996.  She has created a full time career in Network Marketing and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons.  Co-author of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance book ?Build It Big' - 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts & trainer on their Mentored by the Master Series CD and contributing writer for The Network Marketing Business Journal, Home Business Magazine and  She is passionate about helping others to achieve success in their business and interested in health/wellness/fitness and living a gluten free lifestyle.  Visit Sue at -






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