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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." ~ Melody Beattie

Quick Keys To Success In Your MLM Business 

-Setting Yourself Up For Real Success Means Setting Your Business Up Like A Real Business

-Obtain a separate phone line - which is actually required for tax purposes - check with your accountant. If you're going to deduct expenses you will want to be set up as a real business.  This is important because you do not want your children or anyone else answering your business line. It does not present a professional image and you may not be able to deduct that expense.

-Put a professional outgoing message on your voice mail. No kids, dogs, husbands, family, or other non professional agenda on your business voice mail.   For instance on my voice mail on home office line and mobile people hear - Example - You've reached the home office of Sue Seward.  I'm not available to take your call at this time so please leave a message with your phone number even if you think I have it and the reason for your call and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

-Set up an 800# voice mail box to use for advertising, business cards and flyers. This way you do not have people calling your phone line at all hours of the day and night and they cannot trace you to your home line for safety reasons.

-Use a professional email address - preferably your first and last name or your business name - it's better not to use anything hokey for a business email address. I always use my first and last name. This also helps to brand your name.

 -Set up a separate office area in your home - this can actually be required for tax purposes - always check with your accountant.

 -Get business cards - all professionals use them and preferably order them from your company or a printing service and not printed on your computer - business cards are one of the most inexpensive tools available to a business entrepreneur. 

*Quick Networking Tip -
Order some biz cards from Vista Print and pay a little extra to have a TIP chart put on the back. Some years ago I was networking and received one of these cards from a Realtor and still to this day carry that biz card in my wallet and pull it out every time we're out at a restaurant. Every time someone pulls that card out they see YOU and your business on the front of the card. Just had someone comment to me the other day that they loved my biz card with the Tip Chart on the back! 
Add a professional photo on your biz card to brand YOU!

--True Story - I was at my local SunFlower grocery store here in Austin one day, which has a small post office and the guy who works in there noticed the photo on my label and said, "I know you!"  I asked him, "Did you read one of my articles in a Network Marketing magazine?"   He said, no, I've seen you online.  I handed him a business card which has my photo on it and he said yep, Sue Seward, I've seen you online.   Small world huh?   I gave him some information.

-Order professional sales aids from your company - ask your upline leaders what they use.  Copying materials is not professional looking.   Remember success leaves clues.

-Use a marketing system that will duplicate for your entire team.  Systems duplicate people usually do not. 

-Attend company events such as company conventions and regional's - remember these expenses are most likely tax deductible - (check with your accountant)-

-Plug into conference calls and training calls especially when first starting out and if you're a seasoned Network Marketer and have joined a new company attends all calls to become familiar with the new company, management, products, compensation plan and policies.  Your organization will also see you attending calls and will most likely follow in your foot steps when they are serious about becoming successful in their own enterprise.  Remember you're the advisor/messenger.

You do not need to know everything before deciding to build your MLM business. Use the tools to deliver the message. Such as online webinars, tele-conference calls, website, 3/ways with your sponsor and upline, CD's, marketing materials, etc.   It's up to each individual to decide after reviewing the information to believe and take the steps for themselves based on their own personal reasons (their purpose)!   People will react more to the excitement, enthusiasm and love for what you do.

When first starting out spend as much or at least 80% of your time prospecting and plugging people into the information and after sponsoring them plug them into the training. Let them decide.  You keep networking, prospecting, connecting with people, and bringing in new people to your business.  Never stop doing this!  Soon it will become fun!  It will become something you love.  If it's not fun find out why?   Seek out advice from your sponor/upline about this.  Strive to keep a balance in your life.

Sponsor two,  three or five people depending on your companies compensation plan and plug them into a SYSTEM that they can duplicate, help them to sponsor some people and then sponsor some more and keep on doing the same thing and teaching others to do the same.


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