June 2022

How Are We Changing for The Better?

Let’s talk about love, faith, trust, belief and making a conscious choice to change the world for the better. 

With more love in this world how can we go wrong? After all what are we seeing more of now in the world? Hate, anger, crime and increasingly more people being triggered by any mention of God or goodness. Why is that?

Seems like so many people have moved away from receiving God's love.... the only safe place to find truth, peace and hope in my opinion. It may not be the opinion of someone else, but this is my personal choice. It wasn’t always this way until I changed for the better.

People are straying from a real loving God being led to change by seeking out disguised versions of the truth, especially our youth today. Yes, it's good to be thankful and express gratitude and stay positive in a world filled with so much negativity. A world that tries to change and conform us to worldly views that may not end up being as promising as they seem.

People are searching and seeking for truth and answers to all the evil they see in the world. So many these days may be thinking and asking is God MIA? Are people becoming allergic to God? The last few years especially have been an overwhelmingly downhill spiral for so many. Anxiety, worry, depression, loneliness, hopelessness, sickness, feelings of despair sound very familiar?

People are being cunningly led to seek out self-help. Been there done that and that got me nowhere. After changing my perspective, I choose to focus on God's gift of real miracles and strength. 

There's constant noise in our ears and minds with news and social media pounding and hyping with negative sensationalism. Dragging us down with skyrocketing inflation, insane gas prices, empty shelves, human made diseases to control us into thinking we need more drugs inflicting more and more health issues and sometimes even death.

We're seeing and hearing about gender confusion and indoctrination of children into immoral behavior making them believe it’s normal to mutilate their bodies by changing and thinking a certain way. Is this all just another big deception or is it about changing for better?

We are seeing increasing crimes against humanity that do not get reported because MSM only focuses on crime that receives the most political attention for higher ratings.

The one and only answer must be a true loving God. The thing is HE never changes. He stays the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He offers us hope in a world triggered with hate and anger.

Yes, even here on earth His spirit exists to help us if we would only decide to change, reach out, and not give up because He never gives up on those who truly believe that he's about love and mercy!  Thankfully God’s not dead, not a made-up fantasy or a fairy tale. 

I love that song 'God Only Knows' because He created the universe that people are looking to save them and created everything in it including us. He can take it all away in an instant if He chooses to, but He doesn't want to because He loves us way too much, way more than we will ever know. He wants to change us for the better. That's a promise! 

Thankfully God supplies all our needs. It's called a miracle. HE doesn't change but WE sure can!

God's not missing in action... more people could be experiencing His love and all that's available through Him when they change their perspective to achieve His purpose while here on earth to spread love, mercy, truth and forgiveness to so many others on this journey!

“Change is…to give up what we are…to become what we could be..”

Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, founder of Gluten Free Lady, Holistic Influencer, spent decades as a Network Marketing professional who has been dedicated to making a difference in people's lives yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  She’s done public speaking, training, and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts'.   

Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady

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