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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." ~ Melody Beattie

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar


Hi Sue, 
Just a few things I want to share with you:
1) The training on the team site is some of the best training I've seen in this industry.  It is just incredible, and so easy for people to get plugged into.  I'm impressed!
2) On your site, you have something on your home page that truly blessed me today, and helped me to understand personal growth in a way that I've never thought about it before.  I thank you for what you shared on your site, and have written for others to glean from...

"We grow in difficult times!  I literally have learned this from real life experience.  Growth comes when you have to overlook an insult, forgive a wrong, and do the right thing even when the wrong this is happening and you do not understand why it's happening.  It's not happening TO you, it's happening FOR you!" 

That is a very insightful statement!

You're a good leader, Sue, and I'm glad to be on board with you, girl!  Looking forward to growing myself, and my business under you. 

Have a great day,

Debra S




Denise posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"hi, sue! i went to the dani johnson website! oh my gosh, thank you  SOOO much for that link!! wow, no wonder you're so successful!!! you teach about learning and you're absolutely right. 'got my learning cap on, now!!!
thanks, sue, you're a great leader!!"




Jun 22, 2009

Hey Sue,
I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time out for me today. I feel as though I've gained a lot of knowledge from you. I also want to thank you for the leads. I'm waiting for the webinar to begin now. Have a great week, no stress, don't work too hard and take care of your voice.
You are very much appreciated!

I spent my whole life either owning or managing small businesses.  I was always very successful at it.  The bad thing was however, I never had any piece of mind.  There always seemed to be struggles and problems and more struggles and more problems.  That just seemed to be the way business is.


When your company is small you have no time and no money.  As your company grows you really have no time and often times the hours / money ratio is still very poor. 

That's why Robert Kiyosaki author of a whole slew of New York Best selling books including Rich Dad Poor Dad  simply states "I feel sorry for anyone in their own business regardless of size, except those in Network Marketing."  Robert Allen says the same. Donald Trump says the same and on and on it goes.

So what do we do?  How do we determine the best company to be with?  It's not easy.  I still get probably 5 different offers a day.  They all promise basically the same thing , huge rewards for very little effort. They all sound tempting.   So once again " what do we do?"
Some of you know my story or at least bits of it perhaps.  I would like to say that after 50 years of age my finances are in order, investments are flourishing and that I spend my summers vacationing. But I can't.
After working harder than anyone I know, at age 50, I was no better off than I was at 30.  Reality--- embarrassingly enough, I was worse off. 
One of the few things I had going for me was  a very good friend in Texas  who I should have listening to all along.
I always ask everyone to Google Sue Sewards name because simply put it shows you the credible person I chose to turn to. 
She knows all the different offers we are deluged with.  She is a home business expert and her advice to me was Bruce, "This is the one and only business to be in.   Stop looking this is the real thing.   Here's the piece of mind you are looking for."  To make a long story short she was right. 
If your looking, please consider this business.  Your investment is small, your training is the best anywhere, your product is superior. You'll be with truly some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. The price is right.
You'll be able to have and offer piece of mind knowing that with all the offers out there you made perhaps the smartest choice in all of Network Marketing.
Sue knows it, and everyone in this business knows it.  Come join us.
We want you along on the ride, and remember------- we'll do it together.  Take care.
Bruce Oberlin
Small Business Owner

I'm grateful to be associated with one of the hardest workers and one of the most dedicated leader, trainer and teacher in network marketing today.  As a contributor of Sue has helped not only people in her own organization but she has helped thousands of readers worldwide.  I'm proud to have Sue as one of our favorite authors and to call her my friend.

Aim High!

George Madiou - President and Co-founder

The Network Marketing Magazine, Inc



I've known Sue Seward since the mid nineties when she joined me in network marketing. At that time she referred to herself as a "stay at home mom", but I could see her tremendous potential. Sue was dedicated to learning how to be successful in network marketing and how to market on the internet. I taught her all I knew, but she passed me quickly and went on to be a huge success. Where I was once her teacher and mentor, I now consider her my friend. I'm very proud of Sue, the person she has become, and the success she has achieved. Sue is a leader in the truest sense of the word. -

Rod Nichols - Entrepreneur, Writer, Pastor



We all know that creating an online presence is an essential part of having a comprehensive business plan for any MLM opportunity. Knowing and doing are two different things. It's exciting to be working directly with you, Sue, given your 12 years of experience online.

The internet training you've put together for the benefit of our team will be a practical, comprehensive, "how to" series. It's not a "cookie-cutter" approach - this is not a "do everything that I'm doing" approach.

Individual team members will be able to design their online marketing plans choosing what will fit their personalities and their financial budgets. I'm excited to be on the frontlines of the internet with you!  -

Kathy Porter
Entreprenerur - Ten Year Network Marketing
Veteran & Coach


Sue I love your bite size trainings. You give tidbits of good information. Then we can head out and try our wings. The one thing that really stood out this evening was to make sure that you are giving value to whatever you are saying.  Build relationships, trust & integrity by being yourself, sharing and serving others. Thank you for enlightening us!

Dawn Rohlik
Network Marketing Coach



Having known Sue Seward for over eight years, I can say, without any reservation, she is a true leader, mentor and coach.  You can add to those qualities her extensive Ecommerce experience, vision, strong value-added communication skills, high integrity and a sincere commitment to family and friends.  Sue's intense desire to assist others, without hype or pressure but, rather, with substance is most refreshing.  Sue is a 'go to' person that will always deliver!

Chip Snyder




Sue & Clif Seward

Graduates of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University in 2017

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