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Becoming A Better Sponsor For MLM Success

"A Team's longevity depends on its ability to recruit new talent.  Every team builder knows that talent is the lifeblood of an organization. So where do you find it?"  Laurie Beth Jones - Teach Your Team To Fish

Becoming a better sponsor helps us learn a lot about people and about ourselves. There's something that has to happen before we become better at being successful in anything we attempt to do. We must first become better by building ourselves into better leaders who become better sponsors of more leaders.   So what is posture and how is it developed in a person so that they can become a better 'sponsor'?

Posture is when we have developed confidence in ourselves and what we're doing.  We begin to look for talented people to partner with us in our business and are not intimidated to speak with other successful people that come across our path on a daily basis.

Becoming better sponsors can be more productive in the long run.  I remember first starting out in Network Marketing.  We were always taught to become massive recruiters.   Everyone was a potential business prospect. No matter whom they were or what sort of mindset they had, I was bound and determined to recruit every single person that came across my path, even if they weren't qualified and not interested.  This is what most of us have usually been taught in Network Marketing or Direct Sales.

People who are recruiting machines are successful with numbers.   Many of the people they recruit may end up dropping out because they are not able to duplicate the same efforts of a strong recruiter.

Some people want to recruit anyone they bump into. They talk and persuade or even worse they 'close' people, even when someone doesn't really want to join and most importantly they are not qualified to start their own business enterprise in the first place so they end up quitting because they may not have an entrepreneurial mind set.  Most times they are not even listened to by the recruiter in the first place.

Most people have an employee mindset and are looking for immediate gratification.   In other words they say yes when they may really mean no.   Many times they do not know how or what to do and may be looking for advice and guidance.  Ultimately they are probably looking for is leadership and team culture.  They are looking for a 'sponsor' who truly cares about them and their long term success and will be there to support them long after they've recruited them into the business.

The majority of the time recruiters are not very good at training people or showing new distributors how to build the business or how to become good sponsors.  Their expertise is in massive recruiting not in building long term relationships. 

Massive recruiters are not usually leaders of people.  They are more into themselves and concerned with their own business success and people they recruit could wither and die on the vine if they are not really listened to, have no support, and do not get plugged into a system that they too can duplicate because they are not experts at recruiting.  The average person recruits only a few people.

Here's the difference in the two:   Recruiters recruit the numbers and a better 'sponsor' builds long term relationships and supports their team long after the sign up process is over.

Some recruiters do not typically take the time to actually get to know a person or ask them what they are interested in, why they want to start a business (do they actually have the desire to change the quality of their life. A recruiter usually doesn't have the time to asked this question. Their objective is in 'closing' or getting the sale and winning the contest because they usually thrive on winning and recognition).  They may in fact, never really take the time to find out what sort of talents a person has.

Recruiters have no interest in building a relationship with the people they recruit.  That's actually found out very quickly by the person recruited because after they sign up with the top sponsor monster, they usually never hear from them again.   Achieving the top numbers, being #1 at all times no matter what, winning the contest, recognition, rewards, is the thrill for a recruiter.  A massive recruiter is usually not someone who can be duplicated because most people are not recruiting machines.

For anyone who has a desire to become very successful in developing a network of long term relationships try developing the habit of becoming a better 'sponsor'.   Sacrifice time and hard work to develop into a better leader and teach other team members to become better too.  

People are seeking true leadership, guidance, encouragement and support.  They are not seeking someone who recruits them, makes a pile of cash, wins all the prizes, and then a few months or a year later is off and running to the next big deal and sometimes even taking team members with them to the new deal.

Network and connect with people who are highly motivated with a winning positive attitude and a desire to become better leaders.  Start searching for ordinary people that can do ordinary things extraordinarily well.  As a sponsor, show and actively take an interest in others.  Not just while in the prospecting phase but also after they have been sponsored into the business.

When we become better leaders we become more open to approaching and speaking with other successful people.  When we exhibit posture, successful people will engage in conversation with us more confidently because they realize that we're not out to recruit them and then move on.  Most successful people are open minded and may even decide to joint venture with us.  We will never know until we ask.

It's absolutely amazing when people start to contact us and the success we experience when we become better ourselves and seek out other talented people. Become a better sponsor who cares about other people's success and just watch how many more people will be attracted!


"When you know better, you do better."  Maya Angelou


Choosing to enter into the arena of action, determined to give yourself to that cause which will better mankind and last for eternity, success is more than just power or not violating the rights of others; it is the privilege of contributing to the betterment of others. To put it another way, to be all I can be, I need to help you be all you can be.  John C Maxwell

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