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Why Is Being a Positive People Connector a Good Thing?

Here's some ways I've learned to become a better people connector and affective communicator over the years in my profession.  Perhaps some of these ideas will spark something inside you to sharpen your people skills. There's always room for improvement no matter how successful a person becomes eh? I promise it's not going to hurt!   Ok maybe just a little at first! You'll get used to climbing the ropes and soon look back and say wow I mastered that! What's next?! 

First of all I do consider myself in the 'people' business.  My business is about connecting with people to find out what their true desires are, their why, their problems, purpose and then helping them with solutions. The better I've become with this the more successful my business has become. It's sort of become a mission actually.

There's a way to become a better communicator and that is to network with lots of people including people in our own industry that are in other companies.  Why it is so important to stay connected with others in your own profession?  Because we never know when our paths will cross and we could end up doing business together.   When we don't stay connected then we could lose out on a great potential business partner relationship.  Friendships are developed as well.

Now how do we make these connections and how do we connect and communicate better with people?  I've been doing this for about 18 years with people by networking and and building relationships through the Internet, using the phone, and sometimes meeting through events.   I've enjoyed meeting people personally and spending time with them and their families.   These relationships have been valuable and I respectfully appreciate each and every one of them.

Keeping an open mind is a good lesson I've learned too.   I've met all sorts of people when out and about, on the phone and online.   Staying closed minded and only connecting with certain people in our own company or profession could cost some really valuable resources to help us grow personally as well as grow our business relations. 


Not sure about anyone else but I love expanding my horizons and meeting all sorts of people in various professions and companies.  Think about it.  Everyone has an interesting idea to share and just one great one could turn into something really exciting.

The best way to connect and communicate effectively with people is to be inquisitive.  Ask them questions about themselves, their family, what they do, do they like it, what are they interested in.  It's really pretty simple and takes some practice and then develops into a habit. When we ask people about themselves we will certainly get an ear full.   

When all we do is tell we don't get any answers because we're not connecting with someone. This just shows people all we're interested in is ourselves and our agenda. 

Where do connections take place?  Everywhere there's a good possibility of interacting positively with people.  When out and about running errands, shopping, volunteering at school, on the job, on airplanes, in airports, on vacation, with realtors when looking at property, at social functions, at family gatherings, in social media, groups online and even on our own Facebook timeline and fan pages.  Basically anywhere there's a congregation of people interested in meeting us.

Does this mean it's a good idea to shove a business and products down a person's throat?  Nope, that's not the best way to attract friends or business associates.  What I'm talking about is asking about them and genuinely taking an interest in what they are saying and really keeping the radar up on what they are saying and sometimes not saying.

Think of being a good messenger.  In other words, not pushing, shoving, manipulating or forcing people into something they have absolutely no interest in whatsoever.  How about leading, guiding, prompting, advising and suggesting.  It is the responsibility of each person to then accept that advice and guidance.  


Sometimes it takes longer with one person than another but it's up to them to decide what's best in their other situation and circumstance at the time and speaking of timing, this is crucial too, especially when it comes to making a business and/or product buying decision. 


Their timing may not be now but it sure could be later so be sure to follow up properly.  Not in a pushy, annoying sort of way but in a real genuinely caring way as a professional. The best scenario is when they come to us!  Usually because they are not feeling threatened or pushed into something.  Does this make sense?  Don't you feel better when it's your decision?  I sure do! 


One of the fastest ways to connect and stay in touch now days is through technology.  The Internet is an excellent way to network, connect and communicate with lots of different people by using email, online marketing systems such as blogging, and message forums and communities. And of course so many of us love and use Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch. 


Woah nellie!  Pull back the reins some before you go all hog wild though using those communities to network your business be sure to read up on the most efficient ways of using those tools.  I've got a Facebook Etiquette article right down there below handy for anyone interested in being more active on Facebook.

Some of the communities where I network and connect with people like you are,,,,,, and there are many others.  Just do a google search.    These are not places for advertising, they are communities to connect with people.    If we're not already connected on some of these communities let's be sure to connect on

The most productive way to use technology is to turn high tech into high touch again by connecting in a genuinely interested way with likeminded people and finding out what they do, where they live, do they love what they do, what are their hobbies, are they married, do they have children, grandchildren, are they happy with how their life is going, do they have immediate health or financial concerns?   Are they looking for a change?  

Here's something else to consider.   Are they really interested in making a connection with us and us them? If not it's better to move on rather than becoming a pest and ruining a relationship. 

Start building rapport which can eventually turn into an exceptional business relationship or perhaps a lifelong friendship.

Pass this message along to others, teaching them to do the same thing. Join some likeminded groups on Facebook.  Alright, alright, alright, so start getting connected and make some new friends!  I'm hoping you'll read the Facebook article below to find out the most positive way to do that!  Because I think it's in your best interest!  Yeah, really!    :)

Sue is an Entrepreneur who has been networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996.  She has created a full time career in Network Marketing and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons.  Co-author of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance book 'Build It Big' - 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts & trainer on their Mentored by the Master Series CD and contributing writer for The Network Marketing Business Journal, Home Business Magazine and   Visit Sue's training blog at

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