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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." ~ Melody Beattie

Ruth Bradford's Blog Talk Radio Show - October 19, 2011

Interviews One Of My Favorite Networkers & Trainers!
 Bob Burg author of 'The Go Giver', 'Go Givers Sell More', 'Endless Referrals' 
& his latest book 'It's Not About You'

'Wisdom Wednesday' 
Blog Talk Radio With  Host Jennifer Wideman & Ruth Bradford
Interview Sue Seward

August 24, 2011

I was impressed, encouraged & I felt I was given some excellent "food (coffee?? ;) winking) for thought". To be honest w/ you, I have been so discouraged, down & out for so long that I haven't dared to dream nor bothered to set goals for 4-5 yrs now.  That is so out of character for me, as I'd always been a goal-setter & achiever...when my life started becoming an insurmountable series of heartbreak, losses & setbacks, I became focused on the mere survival of my sons & me, unable to dare think about, plan, hope & pray for anything more...The strange thing is I never lost the ability to encourage OTHERS, but as for myself, well, that's another story...

Anyway, I'm finished "sleep-walking" through my life & I intend to step out in FAITH & do this...thanks to you & to several other Christian friends, I can now truly believe that GOD will make the way for me to be able to do this, & I don't have to go it alone any more! I am NOT a loser!!

Right after I hung up from your call, my dear friend Coleen in B.C. (she's also a Christian & an avid network marketer) called me & she really blessed me w/ her words. I know that was no coincidence! Then, this morning at work, a co-worker came up to me & out of the "clear blue" she prophecied over me!?! She's NEVER done that before!Yep, that pretty much clinched it for me! :D big grin

I have NO idea where I'm going, but I DO know my way--this is all in God's hands now & out of mine, & it's such a RELIEF!

Thank you for being one of the right people coming into my life @ just the right time, which is God's timing!
God bless you, Sue!!
Sylvia D.

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