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What's Up With The List?

I’ve seen a few blog messages from colleagues lately concerning ‘cross recruiting’ and decided to chime in on the subject and no I’m not writing this to invite people to my blog/website to watch a video and ask them to join an online deal to grab them up for my list. Just expressing my personal opinion.  Read on to learn more about building your list
In my professional opinion after networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996, it really depends on what people mean by 'cross recruiting'.   Many people actually come to me because they connect with me online. That happens a lot because there are so many people online now compared to the mid 90’s when I first started networking using the Internet. We didn’t have as many distractions so people were not signing up constantly every month or so into all sorts of other programs like they are today. 
Personally, I don't go after people blatantly to cross recruit them from whatever it is they are doing when they tell me they are completely happy and satisfied with the company they are representing.   Although people do try to cross recruit me ALL the time by calling, emailing or Facebook messages and many times even when I say “hey, I’m not in the looking zone”, they keep on with their convincing, sometimes to the point of being a nuisance.   I never try and beg or convince anyone to join me in anything.   It’s just not my style and what’s the point?   When I have done this in the past these people never did anything because they had to be convinced about everything! 
But hey, back to the point of this message.   This is really about business and networking. If someone isn't making the income they feel they should be, or they are just not happy they may start to search for a company and product that they feel would be more passionate about. It happens in the traditional corporate world and business ALL the time. So what makes MLM any different? There are still some people who seem to feel as if they OWN other people just because they are a distributor for a certain company.  We're entrepreneurs, not employees.
That's one of the reasons in my humble opinion that most people don't treat MLM like a REAL business in the first place. It's become this social thing that people get attached to, and when they don't make the money they thought they would be they begin to question what in the world am I doing here and then are made to feel guilty because they decide to leave the tribe!  Now that may not always be the case but it sure has been in the past.    I think though with the advancement of the Internet and especially Facebook where everyone is literally ‘in your face’ and your ‘business’ 24/7, people have started to except reality and realize that you really cannot put blinders on people anymore! No matter what you do, they are going to look because it’s right in their face and no one can stop it unless you’ve got people who live in a cave!  I cannot tell you how many people on Facebook that I've seen join my current company now that were actually in my organization with another company some years back.  Is it frustrating?  Well of course, but not much we can do about it.  
If people want to keep more of a hold on what they consider to be 'their' people they may want to take their business offline where people are not so distracted by all these other programs we're seeing pop up day after day where people are sending out ‘back door ‘messages to invite people into them.  This is nothing new.  We’ve called this ‘back dooring’ people in for years!   It’s where people join an online program, then blog about a certain topic to invite people into their website/blog (usually we call it providing content worth reading that provides someone value) and then these people join their  ‘list’, and before they know it they are promoting their ‘main or primary’ company to them. Isn’t that the same thing as cross recruiting you may be asking yourself?   Well really it’s not in my opinion because they have people coming to them and every person has a right to choose because it’s their business. If they want to go read so and so’s blog about such and such a topic it’s their right to do so. Besides if they are satisfied with the support, training and income there are receiving they most likely won’t join that other person’s primary company.

Sue Seward
Home Business Coach
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