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QuickBizSites News & Updates
Saturday, August 20 2011
User accounts
  • drop down menu to switch between groups
  • Popup account edit window
  • Updated user accounts UI with new user accounts tab and quick drop down menu for switching the group view.
  • New option to send an email from the user account page.
  • Updated UI for selecting group membership
Mailing list
  • 30+ new mailing list templates
  • Updated mailing list UI
  • Option to set the mailing list tracking code
  • Set the "email from" name
  • Social networking links in templates
Form builder
  • Updated form builder UI to make it easier to enable the contact DB and mailing list signup options.
  • The view/edit tab drop down menu now includes links to the settings pages.
  • Message board no longer requires capcha when you are logged in.
  • Displayable user name for message board when user accounts/login required to post messages.
  • Updated mobile/browser detection for stats and mobile pages.
  • The drop down tab menu for edit site now includes direct links to all of the settings pages.
  • Calendar uses timezone offset.
  • Site page search now includes blog posts and HTML pages.
Social networking
  • Send tweet from a blog post
  • Google +1 button
  • LinkedIn button
  • More display options for social networking links
Text editor
  • H1, H2, H3 tags added to the style menu
  • Updated blog manager UI
  • New option to save a blog post as a draft
  • Option to enable facebook comments for your blog
  • Send a tweet about a blog post from the blog manager
  • Next/prev links at bottom of blog page to easily view older posts
Basic traffic stats
  • Basic traffic stats are now maintained for up to 3 years (this will only include stats collected after the update is installed)
  • New option to reset all your traffic stats
  • New option to reset your traffic stats referrers/search engines/keywords
  • Stats have been updated to be tracked in the site owners local time based on their time zone setting
  • NOTE: stats before this update will not reflect the correct timezone
  • Ecommerce reports are now displayed in the users time zone (only applies to new orders completed after this update)
  • For products that ship in their own box, you can now set the package dimensions
  • New gateway (Moneris for US merchants)
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