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Thursday, May 20 2010

Ecommerce - product image display
The product thumbnail image feature has been enhanced. The images are now easier to setup. With the site builder preview/flash upload enabled, you can upload multiple thumbnail images at the same time for a product. The new thumbnail option displays the thumbnail preview images directly below the main product image on the product detail page. When a thumbnail image is clicked, the main product image will change to display the larger image for the thumbnail. This option lets customers view more product images directly from the product detail page.

Ecommerce reports

  • Profit/cost report
  • Sales by state
  • Sales by country
  • Updated graph/chart style

Rotating banners and overlay text
The banner/header system has been enhanced to support rotating banners and custom overlay text/HTML. The rotating banner feature enables you to setup a sequence of banner images. The header area will cycle through the banner images fading in and out between each image. Other options include banners that randomly display, each time a page is viewed.

In addition to multiple banners, a text/HTML overlay can be setup that goes on top of each banner in the sequence. You can set the text, size and the position of the overlay. One use of the overlay text would be to create clickable text/image links that are in the banner area.

To setup rotating banners and overlays, go to the design area and click the "header & images" link. Then click the "rotating banners/overlay" tab.

Customize fonts and styles

  • Text/css menus
    Customize the colors and style for text based menus. Customizations include font color, style and background color for the regular menu, selected menu and hover over menu. (for this feature to be available you may need to reselect your layout or reselect your menu button style)
  • Forms
    Customize the style for your website forms. Adjust the font size, colors, borders and spacing of your form fields/labels.
  • Product catalog display
    The product customizations allow you to set the borders/backgrounds/colors/fonts/styles for over 20 different areas in the product catalog display. The customizable areas include the product title, product links, labels, price fields, description text, title areas and more.

Tabbed accordion view
The new accordion mode displays a vertical list of tab names with the tab content below the tab
name. The update also includes an option to set the font size for the tab and accordion text.

Countdown timer component
Add a countdown timer to your website. The dynamically updating timer displays the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds to the date that you specify. You can set a destination page that users are taken to when the counter expires. Edit any page, click the add button and choose the countdown timer from the standard/HTML menu.

Map button

A map button has been added to the user account details page and the order detail page. Click the map button to open a new window that displays a map of the users contact address. For orders the shipping address is also added to the map window.

Mobile admin

Access basic information and reports from your mobile phone. View website traffic statistics, view user account/contact information and view store orders. For more information, go to your main site admin page, click the "my account" link in the left side menu and then click the "mobile admin" link.
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Misc updates

  • Set the font size for tabs in the tabbed content component
  • Updated image manager resize and crop features to work in FireFox
  • Added new view to image manager to see files
  • Added option to center align the main menu
  • Popup calendar for date selection (blog, calendar, coupon editor)
  • Text editor 2.0: background preview - allows you to see how your text will look on dark or light backgrounds

Design system

  • New logos
  • Updated banners
  • Gradient maker (background images)
  • Layout properties - updated page for selecting page width
Site builder preview - misc updates
  • Misc graphic updates and adjustments
  • Added drop down menu to page properties button
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