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Friday, July 26 2013

We're rolling out System update 4.7 to servers starting today.  This update focuses on mobile advancements and ecommerce updates.  With the new responsive mobile features, existing pages on your site will automatically format themselves to provide a better mobile experience to users.  Ecommerce enhancements include 2 new gateways, Stripe and Paymill, which offer an alternative to site owners using PayPal or Google Checkout which Google is retiring this year.

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Thursday, December 15 2011
We just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and we look forward to continuing to help you grow your business in the new year.
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Monday, November 07 2011

Many of our customers look to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts they find on the internet with the hope these experts can get their site listed high on search engine result pages.  From our experience, many of these SEO experts aren't able to deliver what they promise.  If you find an expert and they say any of the following things, you should begin to question their expertise:

  • Your site needs Meta Keywords or a different set of Meta Keywords- Most search engines (including google and bing) don't look at the Meta keywords on a site and haven't done so for a very long time.  Why?  Because the keywords aren't visible to end users of the site and the search engines care about what people can actually see.
  • Your site fails a W3C validation scan - Most sites on the internet fail these scans (including big names sites, like Google, and Amazon).  Search engines don't care about whether  your site validates.  If your site is visible and looks correct in a web browser, that is all that really matters
  • Your site needs a non-standard Meta tag added to it (like meta follow, etc) to get search engines to pick up your site - Search engines only use the Meta Description tag (and not every time) to give a description of your site in search results.  Any other meta tags on the site are ignored
  • You need a robots.txt file on your site so search engines know what pages to index - Search engines use robots.txt files to EXCLUDE content from your site, not for any other purpose.
  • We're going to get you lots of links to your site which is going to boost your "link juice" - Watch out for SEOs that sell you "high quality" links.  Many of these links are going to come from link farms which is going to immediately get you blacklisted

If you ever have any questions on SEO or how to optimize your site, feel free to contact our support team.  We can usually help address any misinformation an SEO "expert" will try to sell you.

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Friday, October 28 2011

Use Promotions

Make sure people get something in return for liking your website with a promotional offer that they can easily redeem.  The more lucrative the offer is, the more sharing will happen between Facebook friends.  Fans of your site will want exclusive products, discounted prices, or to be notified early about upcoming events or specials that you are running.  Try to make the promotions give each fan the feel that they are special, not just a standard shopper.
Create a special landing page on your site that targets Facebook visitors.  Reinforce your promotions on the landing page and link your Facebook marketing to promote the landing page.  Be sure to put the social networking links on this page to encourage your fans to share this page.
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