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QuickBizSites News & Updates
Monday, June 28 2010
The blog has been updated to allow you to enter a blog summary. If you have long blog posts you can enable the blog summary to be displayed on the main blog page. To enable the summary feature click the blog settings tab.

Blog RSS feed enhancements
From the blog settings page you can enable the site blog feeds. This option will add this blog feed to your main website feed. The main website feeds are seen by visitors in the browser toolbar as a clickable RSS feed icon.

Updated mobile admin pages
The mobile admin page style has been updated. The ecommerce reports have been added to the mobile admin console.

RSS feed component
The RSS feed component will display a RSS news feed from another website on your pages. You can now set the number of feed entries to be display. Use the customize style option to customize the feed display.

Add social networking links to your quickbar. Setup links to your facebook and twitter pages as well as your site mailing list and RSS feed pages.

Search - Advanced HTML
Set your preferred domain name for search engines. This option tells the search engines how to setup links to your website. You can choose the following forms... or

The site builder 2 store manager pages have been updated to include the product/order search field on every page. The shopping cart product detail links will now include the product name on the URL. This can help with search engine rankings and also makes it easier for visitors to identify product links.


  • Next/prev links have been added to the bottom of the file manager.
  • The disk space usage page now displays the amount of media space being used.

Mobile web pages (BETA)
More and more internet users are using mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android. This release will include support for adding mobile optimized pages. Customers can create new pages that are designed to work on advanced mobile devices.

The mobile support is not for all mobile devices. It is designed to work with advanced mobile smartphones such as the iPhone and Android based devices that have full HTML support (we are not supporting WAP based phones).

To add mobile pages to your site, go to the page list and click the mobile website button.

Blog enhancements
New customization options have been added that let you customize the styles, fonts, colors of many of the blog display elements. You can also customize how many blog posts are displayed on the first page. You can set the system to show all the post from the last 7 days, last 30 days, or you can specify the number of posts to display.

Site feed/RSS auto discovery: Blogs can now be set to show up in your website feed. Go to the blog settings page and enable the "Add blog to site feed" setting. This setting allows browsers and search engines to more easily find your blog.

Blog summary: You can now set the main blog page and your RSS feeds to show a short summary of the full blog post. Go to the settings page to enable summary display and then edit your blog posts to add the blog entry summary.

Ecommerce - Rewards
With the ecommerce rewards system enabled, you can give your customers discounts for shopping at your website. Customers will earn reward points for making purchases at your website. They can login to their accounts and redeem the reward points for credit that can be used on future purchases. You can configure how points are converted, which products are included/excluded and set specfic products to be worth more/less points.

Form builder data
The form builder has been modified to allow you to view your form data on your website. All data will now be saved in a forms database. To view form data, you can login to your website, click the form data link and select the form that you want to view.

The form data csv file has also been updated. The csv data file for newly submitted forms will contain the form data fields in the file header. This will make it much easier to use/import the file into other applications. The form data file will also contain all data fields such as radio buttons and checkboxes. Each time you change the form field data structure, a new csv file will be created.

Secure forms upgrade
With the secure forms upgrade you can use the form builder to collect form information over a secure https:// page. The data that is submitted is saved in your site admin. You can then login to your site to view the form data over a secure link.

  • When visitors browser to a page with a secure form they will be redirected to a https:// version of the page
  • For data is not sent in the form email. You must login to your website to view form data
  • The secure form cannot be used to collect credit card/billing information
AppDb upgrade
Use the AppDb feature to setup a searchable/sortable data table. You can define your own custom fields when setting up the data table. To create a new AppDb go to the page list and click the AppDb page type.

Social networking
Social networking The social networking icons can now be added to the bottom of the product catalog detail pages. Social networking icons allow visitors to share the product page/information on their social networking pages (twitter, facebook...) To add the social networking icons to product detail pages, view your website, click the settings button and then click the social networking link.

Google Buzz has been added to the list of social networking icons.


  • New groupbox styles
  • Advanced css menu settings (align right, margin/spacing, menu bar settings)
  • Animated text/css menus
  • Setup up to six groupbox styles
Misc updates
  • Image tools: A slider has been added to the main resize image page allowing you to easily reduce the image size by moving the slider.
  • Footer styles: the advanced padding/border/margin settings have been added to the footer styles area.
  • Image gallery/rotator: all of the image gallery/rotator modes now support the image description display.
  • Product search: the product search from within the store manager now allows you to change the product category/login after clicking on the edit link from the search.
  • Ecommerce order notes: The new append to notes button allows you to enter time stamped updates to the order notes area.
FireFox 3.6 file upload/drag drop
Firefox 3.6 supports the HTML5 enhanced multi file upload. When the advanced file upload option is enabled, you will be able to use the Firefox 3.6 upload features. When you browse to select files to upload you, will be able to select multiple files in the file open dialog box.

Drag/drop upload: A drop files box will appear next to the file upload/browse button. To upload files via drag/drop, open a file/explorer window. Select the files you want to upload, click the files and drag the files to the "drop files" area in the browser window. The files will be uploaded to your website.


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