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QuickBizSites News & Updates
Tuesday, September 25 2007
  • Enhanced design manager - The design manager has been enhanced to allow you to save all of your design settings and give each design set a unique name. You can save as many design sets as you wish and then reload the design settings through the design manager.
  • New templates - there are 10 new templates available in this release
  • Text/css menus - enable non-graphic buttons in the menu
  • Over one hundred new logos have been added to the system.
  • Style support in 2.0 text editor for browser Heading styles (title 1, title 2, title3). Heading styles can be set from Design, Text & Styles, Default, Text, Text Titles
User accounts:
  • User account signup form - a new form type is available that includes a company field.
Page Editor/Components:
  • The page properties can now be accessed directly from the page editor. The page properties button has been added to the main site editor bar between the add page and edit page buttons. When the page properties button is selected, the properties window slides down, allowing you to change page settings, modify the page layout, assign security access and set page specific meta keywords/description.
  • Page properties option to enable/disable sidebars per page
  • Youtube component - have YouTube videos play within your site.
  • Form builder - Support for file uploads through the form builder has been added to the system. There is a 2mb limit of upload file size. The uploaded files are sent with the form email as attachments.
  • New tutorials have been added for the content rotator, file upload utility, setting up wholesale products, fonts and copying products.
  • A product search feature is now available from within the store manager to allow you to search for products in your store to edit them.
  • FedEx shipping labels - you will have to be certified by FedEx to use this feature.
  • ACH (echeck) support Beta - support is now available for Linkpoint, Verisign, and Contact support if you are interested in testing this feature.
  • New coupon restrictions allow you to set which products can be used with a coupon (select specific products or exclude specific products). You can restrict the coupon to only apply to products that are not on sale. A new coupon type has been added "By X get Y free".
  • VAT tax support - The VAT tax option displays the VAT tax amount along with the base product price. VAT tax display is enabled through the Store, International Settings page. The system will use the first sales tax entry in the sales tax settings to determine how to compute the VAT amount.
  • Delete product images when deleting products - you are now prompted if you wish to delete the images for a product when deleting a product.
  • Minimum order quantity on a product - restrict orders to require that a minimum quantity of a product be ordered.
  • Support for Innovative Merchant Solutions gateway (Quickbooks gateway).
  • Gift certificate balance lookup component - allow customers to look up the balance on their gift certificate.
  • Customer submitted product reviews - allows store customers to submit product reviews/ratings.
  • A one time setup fee option on a product - allows for a fixed setup fee on a product which does not vary on quantity of a product that is ordered.
  • Order mangement enhancements - multi order move in order manager
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