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About QuickBizSites
From the beginning of the company, QuickBizSites has been focused on our customers.  Our products and features are designed and driven from customer feedback.  We realized that our services must match the high expectations of our customers.

Delivering quality services for over 13 years

For over 13 years QuickBizSites has been exceeding customer expectations.  We were founded in 1998 with the goal of providing our customers with easy to use and powerful tools to manage their online businesses.  We have grown to provide worldwide service for tens of thousands of very satistified customers.

Dedicated to generating value

Using QuickBizSites, building a professional quality website takes about 15 minutes. Follow the step by step instructions, fill in the blanks, and upload your logo--it's that simple.

About EZOT, Inc.

QuickBizSites is a service of EZOT, Inc. was founded in 1998 with one simple goal in mind: To empower the average business to easily and affordably take advantage of the latest and most powerful Internet technologies. EZOT has conveniently packaged these technologies into our browser based site management platform called QuickBizSites.