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QuickBizSites News & Updates
Tuesday, April 15 2008
Site administration access
Use the new site administration access area to setup site administration privileges for users. With the admin accounts setting you can give users access to manage email accounts, view statistics, edit pages, manage images and access store order management features. To learn more about admin accounts, go to the main admin page, click the user accounts link and then click the "Administration Access" link.

Ecommerce: Enhanced shipping configuration.
A new advanced shipping configuration module has been added to the system. The new shipping rules allow you to setup when different shipping methods apply to customer orders. You can set which shipping methods are available to customers based on location (shipping country, state, zipcode) as well as order sub total and order weight. New product specific shipping settings allow you to set which products ship in their own box, to set an alternate ship from zipcode and to specify that a product requires a specific shipping method (ex. product requires overnight shipping).


  • New option has been added to let you set the site wide background and the background of the content area. You can choose from many different system backgrounds or upload your own.
  • Main design page updated for quicker access to design features
  • Design library updated with new designs and new design customization interface
  • Color picker updated to allow for more flexibility. You can now enter the HEX color code directly into the color selection box.
  • New groupbox styles have been added


  • The standard image upload page lets you choose an images size and select the upload location (folder) for the image. You can also create a new folder directly from the upload form.
  • Image rotation: The image tools have bene updated to allow you to roate your images.
  • Photo Gallery: Several new layout modes have been added to the photo gallery. You can also rotate images from the image gallery edit page.
  • Google Sitemaps: Support has been added to allow for multiple google site map keys for sites that have multiple domain names.
  • File Manager: The file manager has been updated to remember the file type/show count.
  • Header & Images: New display mode added to tile your custom image across the header area (fills banner area for wider layouts)


  • Over 100 new shopping cart button styles have been added to the system
  • New styles added for shopping cart icons (new arrival, special offer, clearance, free shipping)
Ecommerce:New payment gateways
  • DPS-PaymentExpress
  • epsSecureNet
  • GoEMerchant
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