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Welcome to 2018 with Gluten Free Lady

So much has happened in the last few years.  We are now officially empty nesters and happy to report both our sons are off our payroll and doing well in their careers! We are truly blessed! 

Our younger son graduated from UT Permian Basin and is working in the oil industry out in West Texas.  He just turned 25!  He’s earning a very nice income too right out of college with full benefits.

Our older son (who turned 30 this last year) has served six years in the Air Force and this past year he deployed for the first time.  We flew out to visit him and took him to the airport on Thanksgiving. That was a bitter sweet moment for me.  Clif and I go out there to visit him every year and this last year we  took a trip in September  with our younger son tagging along this time.   We have not had a family vacation together like this in over fourteen years so it was very memorable.  We enjoyed visiting Arlington Cemetery, the tomb of the unknown, seeing the changing of the guards and seeing some other memorials in DC, picking and eating crabs in Maryland, going to a Sunday service at our church in Charles Town West Va where they got to see James for the first time since we left at age 3 .

I’ve have enjoyed being retired from the Network Marketing profession for a few years now doing  a lot of reflecting, resting, relaxing, traveling, cooking, gardening, serving at our church here in Spicewood, keeping up with folks on Facebook, enjoying time with our Aussie dog Titan and  branding Gluten Free Lady.  My husband is still working with a local land survey company and he’s really not interested in retiring anytime soon or he would be bored to pieces.   We took a year and a half discipleship class with our church called Catalyst and graduated last spring at which time we renewed our marriage vows and exchanged Song of Solomon rings from James Avery.   We just finished up  the Financial Peace University class at our church which gave us a lot of insight about saving our emergency fund, paying debt, investing and doing a 0 based budget.  We’re happy to say we got through the entire class and graduated. 

This past December  I happened to come upon a Facebook post from a friend I’ve known for over fourteen years in Network Marketing.  We worked in another company some years back and met at company events.   I hardly ever see her posting on Facebook so must say this was not a coincidence.   Everything happens for a reason right?  Her post really grabbed my attention when she asked if people had heard about this particular product.  Then she told me what it was doing for her kitty cat and added me to the testimonial group where I read about many others having positive results.  That really peeked my interest so I reviewed her website.

First of all, I was impressed with the short informative video on how these particular products are grown in the USA organically and non GMO and manufactured in an FDA approved facility.  I was impressed that they are legal in 50 states and shipped out to 55 countries.   Of course, I decided to sign up as an Affiliate so that we could not only try the product ourselves but because it’s the best way for me to really look closely at the company.   It takes a lot to get my attention these days when it comes to any type of business decisions because I’m quite skeptical as as being optimistically cautious. 

So why Network Marketing again?

After using the products for a month what I’m most impressed with is the immediate results I have seen with sleeping better (not waking up all hours of the night, getting REM sleep and waking up refreshed). I’ve seen results with anxiety and stress (especially with our son deploying), and with pain.  I have also seen results with skin issues.  I’m having my husband use it topically on some skin issues he’s had and he’s seeing some clearing. At his last doctor appointment they mentioned that his skin issues on his face were looking better.   He’s also taking it internally and I’m putting the bacon flavored pet product on Titan’s food. 

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been this impressed with any Network Marketing company or product. We’ve decided that we would use these products regardless of whether I earn an income.  To be honest though I’ve already received a direct deposit into my bank account. This product is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses for having a wide scope of medicinal benefits. People are using it with their fur babies with very positive results too. 

It's just not feasible at this time though for us to open up a retail store front or to buy thousands of dollars of product wholesale to retail so the most economical and wise choice for me is something I've done for over twenty years, only this time let's just say that I've learned a lot of very valuable lessons of what NOT to do.   I've had a great deal of interest too after posting about it on my Facebook pages, groups I started for Gluten Free Lady and some of my local groups.  Many people too that I've never met are asking me for information on this product.

For anyone who's curious in learning more about the company and very in demand product that I’ve decided to recommend on Gluten Free Lady wander on over to my blog post to find out more   ====>- HEREYOUGO

Healthy Happy Blessed New Year!
Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady

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