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Sizing/Shipping Info 

Most of our sizes are based on the length from the shoulder down in inches, BUT....

For exact sizing we like our customers to give us their measurements so that everything is custom sized.

Even if the item you order is ready made.. still to insure proper fit, the best way is to get the measurements!

We want our customers to be pleased with our merchandise and their purchases! And also we want to try and avoid any possible disappointment if at all possible......

Please send the following:

Length from the shoulder to the floor

Across the shoulders






Any other pertinent information you feel may assist us in fitting you better.

Important Shipping Information

From now on most orders coming out of Kuwait will be sent by FEDEX

(unless otherwise agreed upon individually)

We have a very good deal with them, which will keep the prices VERY low

Some items will be add-on items that will ship for FREE with your order...

Or you can also choose to have them sent separately by POST (Slow)


This new policy is due to the lack of a reliable Postal System in Kuwait



We recently started using mostly FEDEX for shipping, due to certain issues with our post office services in Kuwait. 

This is good for the most part, due to the trackable codes and amazingly inexpensive prices we have on this international courier service.

This is even better for add-on items, which ship by FEDEX for absolutely FREE. :)

Even better, the turnover time only a few days most of the time, and once your merchandise is shipped, it takes only two days to arrive barring any customs delays in your country.

If you have items that are very small or light and are having them sent to places like the USA, etc. then we can send them parcel post or registered airmail if you prefer, but you need to know that this could take up to 3 months to arrive, and this will be by special agreement only, and at your own risk.

BUT... if you want to ship some items by the post, please be aware that it can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months to arrive.

It is usually a couple of weeks, but we want you to be aware of the possibilities, just in case.

Please also be very aware of your country's customs rules and regulations in case there are extra taxes or charges, because you will be responsible for these charges.

Again, the transit time will only be 2 or 3 days by FEDEX, and the shipment will be completely insured and trackable.

Thanks so much and jazakumAllah khairun for your understanding :)

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