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Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, Most Beneficient
We are happy to give credits and refunds for damaged items,
or items that you are not completely satisfied with.***
Please note that all items with free shipping will have a 25% restocking fee for returns
(unless there is damage or otherwise the issue is our fault, of course, then we will cover it).  
All you have to do is to make sure that you ship the item back to us in the same condition you received it in.
All returned items must be sent back to Kuwait.
Please send them to:
The Desert Boutique
PO Box 8840
Salmiyah, Kuwait 22059
Please contact us by Email:
Telephone: +(965) 99686064
Please do give plenty of time for receiving and all, since we are way far away in this desert land.
It is important that clothing items MUST NOT be laundered in order to get your credit or refund.
***Custom items WILL NOT be eligible for any credits, refunds, or returns no matter what, unless they are damaged .
*** On wholesale orders there are no refunds, except for damaged goods, and all claims must be accomapanied with sufficient evidence of damage.  
*** Please try to make sure that what you are ordering is going to fit you, and is actually what you want, since shipping it back to us is going to cost you money.
Although we are more than happy to credit for items if they are damaged.
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