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I believe in Heaven and Hell as real places. (Please answer no matter what religion you practice)
 I'm pretty sure they exist.
 I only believe in Heaven.
 I only believe in Hell.
 I have my doubts.
 I don't believe in either.

This poll is in order to give people an idea of how others think and their opinions. Please take it seriously and try not to choose answers as a joke. From time to time we will be changing the poll and putting the old results right here for everyone to see! The results of this poll do NOT mean that whatever the answer was with the highest percentage is right. It may be quite the opposite. If you have any comments about this or anything else, please feel free to comment in the "feedback" section.
Thanks, and jazakumAllah khairun!

Ninth Poll Results

Is religion important to you? (whether or not you are a Muslim)
For sure!
Not really...

Total Votes:863

Eighth Poll Results


Do you think that the recent multiple bombings and other terrorist acts around the world are the work of real Muslims?


Emphatic No!





Probably Not





Maybe Not





I Doubt It





Could Be?





Emphatic Yes!





Total Votes:498





Seventh Poll Results


People all Over the World Need to Know About Islam....
I totally agree and think it would make the world a better place!
If people knew more about the REAL Islam they wouldn't be so misled by what they see on the media.
Islam is only for the Muslims to know.
Islam is only for terrorists.

Total Votes:858






sixth poll results

Are you looking forward to your Hajj in Makkah?


Yes! I am dying to go!
I have already gone and would like to go again inshaAllah!
I have gone and feel that once is enough.
I am not yet ready religiously for such an experience.
I am not at all interested in it.

Total Votes:120












What do you think about keeping the Islamic custom of "hijaab" (covering)?

I like it, but don't practice it.






I don't like it at all.






I love it, and think it's important!






I do it because it is an obligation in Islam.






Total Votes:201


Fourth Poll Results
73 votes
All the world should band together to stop the atrocities in Palestine! 50%
We should pray to Allah for relief for the Palestinians in their time of need. 26%

We should go there and help the Palestinians fight. 12%


We should mind our own business and stay out of it. 10%



Third Poll Results
24 people participated
Do you think the Islamic dress code for men and women is good for da'wah in the West?
I think it's great for da'wah and actually enhances it!  83%
I think that it hinders da'wah by making Muslims unapproachable.  8%
I think that it is embarassing for Muslims to wear a special kind of clothing. 0%
I think it's the same either way.  8%
Second Poll Results!
68 people participated!
Men have a dress code too!
They have a dress code too, but different from the womens'.          98%
They can wear whatever they like.                                                         0%
 They must wear Arabic looking clothing.                                              1%
OK guys.. the results are in on the first poll!
Question: Do you feel that the face veil is mandatory?
Yes, absolutely, based no the Qur'an and Sunna.                                        41%
I feel it's not mandatory, based on the Qur'an and Sunna, but that it's recommended.                                                                                                23%
I feel it's nice but not mandatory.                                                                    17%
I feel it's not important.                                                                                       3%
Absolutely not.                                                                                                  13%
Thanks to everyone who participated!!!


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