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Men & Boys Islamic Muslim Arabian Clothing Dishdasha Thobe 

Classic Kuwaiti style Islamic Muslim clothing items for going out.

Totally elegant!

We offer you a wide variety of price ranges, and qualities.

These are all traditional clothes from the Arabian Gulf, specifically Kuwait.
They are worn even now, and are the most comfortable clothes ever!

Here you will find clothing for going out, clothing for lounging around the house, and even outerwear for really freezing weather!

Our relaxing lounging clothes are the thing you'll want to be in all day long!
They are loose, beyond comfortable, and you'll never want to take them off!!!!

We have all kinds of styles and fabrics, including standard and best quality!

All of our clothing items are in line with Islamic standards for men.
(There ARE standards for men too!)

They are all the highest quality, at LOW, prices.

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From now on ALL orders coming out of Kuwait will be sent by FEDEX

We have a very good deal with them which will keep the prices as low as possible

But, additionally, we will have some items that are add-on items that will ship for FREE with your order...

Or you can also choose to have them sent separately

We are doing this due to the lack of a reliable Postal System in Kuwait

We thank you for your understanding

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