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Kuwait in Focus 

Marisa from the UK with the Sadu Lady, Um Turki :) at Al-Sabah Village.


This is one of the hundreds of
masjids around Kuwait!
A lovely view at night!!!
This is the traditional bedouin tent.
 It is called "bait sha'ar" ,
literally meaning "hair house".
These are woven by hand,
and usually by the mother of the household...
 lots of love and care goes into these,
and they are cherished by the family.
A beautiful day in the desert!
A bunch of guys having
a good time!!!
These date palm brooms
are still used today!
Luckily I have a vacuum cleaner...
but I remember the day,
 when I used one of these to sweep!
Some ladies and sheep having
a stroll in the desert...
The sheep of the
bedouin in the desert.....
This is the beautiful skyline of
older Kuwait City in the sunlight!
The people of Kuwait, Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti celebrated the return of Sheikh Jaber, the Emir of Kuwait, from his recovery of a stroke, with a giant parade, lights and real, true happiness that is rarely seen. It was lovely!
The "Majlis Al-Umma" , the seat of the parliament of Kuwait. A lovely tent style building melding old and new Kuwait. Decorated with celebration lights.
Kuwaiti dhows, a special kind of fishing boat.
A night view of Galleria Mall.. with decorative celebration lights!
A high rise apartment building near Feheheel area.
The Kuwait Towers at night.
Modern skyscrapers in Kuwait City.
A night view of Kuwait City getting ready to celebrate National Day.
Hand woven Sadu, made by local bedouin women being sold at the Friday Market.. reminiscent of an American flea market.
Strip of American Halal restaurants in Salmiyah. Yummy.
Close up of the Kuwait Towers at night.
The Kuwaiti bedouin tradition of hanging lights all over homes for weddings.
Kuwaiti gold shop.. these head pieces are called "Gub Gub" after the crab!


Looking down on tower two!

Old traditional Kuwaiti building.

View standing under the largest of the Kuwait Towers

Traditional Kuwaiti dancer and drum band at Marina Crescent

Kuwaiti children dancing at Marina Crescent.

Sheikh Jaber waiving to his loving people.

(photo from another site)

Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah (former Crown Prince of Kuwait).

(Photo from another site)

Shiekh Nawaf

(photo from another site)

Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, the new emir of Kuwait.

(photo from another site)

Sheikh Jaber on arriving back to Kuwait after the end of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

(photo from another site)

Mother and daughter
 on the beach front at Souq Sharq,
enjoying a windy early morning!
This is one of the views of the beautiful Kuwaiti seafront!!!
This is the "attara",
where all the traditional Arabian
 herbs are sold,
among TONS of other
 traditional cosmetics,
and other things!
Here the seller is measuring
out Yemeni henna.
Check out all the
cool stuff these guys sell....
 everything from the
 traditional Arabian world.
A campsite in the
Mutla region of Kuwait!
This is the traditional wedding tent...
 this is where the bedouin
 men have their wedding party.
At night it is lit up and hundreds
of men come and congratulate the groom.
The "doowa" which is like
 a hearth where the coffee
and tea are made,
and around which people
keep warm on cold desert
You can take the bedouin out of the desert,
but you can't take the tent away
from the bedouin!!
Even at their homes,
they put up tents!
A view over the older citiscape
of Kuwait from the 12th floor!
View of the older city
A Syrian family coming out of Bustan Mall in Salmiyah, Kuwait.
A bank building with decorative lights for the celebration of Sheikh Jaber's return!
Another view of a flag lit building in the city.
A night view of older Kuwait City.
A night view of the Liberation Tower (a communication tower) and the Palace of Justice.
A close-up of the Liberation Tower in Kuwait City, the tallest building in Kuwait.
Bedouin woman with her "Sadu" weaving at the Souk Al-Juma.
The Sheraton Hotel in Kuwait City.
This is the Sea Front Souk Sharq... largest mall in Kuwait, marina in front, traditional fish market on side.
Kuwait Towers view.
Kuwaiti bedouin bridegroom being congratulated by well wishers at his outdoor wedding.
Gold shop with heavy gold wedding sets.


View of Aqua Park from the Kuwait Towers

View Over Kuwait!


This Arabian style seating was my designing genius art project! He He He

 Made completely out of cardboard!

Two people sat on it!


Kuwait Boy Scouts dancing in a crowd at Marina Crescent celebration.

Kuwaiti children with their faces painted.

Past emirs in Kuwait's history.

(picture taken from another site)

Sheikh Saad

(photo from another site)

Shiekh Saad and Sheikh Sabah

(photo from another site)

The late Sheikh Jaber of Kuwait.

(Taken from other site).

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