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Name: Jackie
Date: 12/25/2020
Message: Hi Mia, I received the package today! Mashallah, that was fast shipping! I absolutely loved all of them--love the shoulder pad and overall design/quality of the abaya and the niqabs. I own a few pieces of abayas and niqabs bought locally here in the Midwest and also online on amazon, but none come close to your quality. Especially like the design and feel of the niqabs--so classy and not really seen elsewhere! Thanks for the incense sample, smells good, which one is it? And how do I use it? Never seen these before. I'll find some time and takes some photos and send over inshallah.

Name: Heidi A. Coates
Date: 09/05/2020
Message: Georgette Hijab Hijaab Khimar Scarf with Niqab Niqaab Islamic Veil Set: I bought every color. Taupe is similar to my Euro-American skin tone. I put on the veil. Then I fold the scarf like a triangle and tie a knot under my hair behind my neck like a big bandana. Very comfortable.

Name: Zakariyah
Date: 01/05/2019
Message: High quality bishts at affordable prices, fast post... highly recommended.

Name: Zakariyah
Date: 05/21/2018
Message: It's Wonderful! Quality bisht at low price. Highly recommend.

Name: Claire B.
Date: 04/14/2018
Message: "I viewed The Desert Boutique several years ago, and when I revisited it yesterday I was thrilled with how the store has grown, masha'Allah, I will definitely be ordering products, insha'Allah,"

Name: Mary
Date: 03/21/2018
Message: thanks for the katam - was having a terrible time finding it til you came along!!

Name: alesia richards
Date: 03/07/2018
Message: Salaam

Name: Michael Kelsay
Date: 01/07/2018
Message: Thank You. Excellent Customer Service

Name: Deborah Kerwood
Date: 01/03/2018
Message: I LoveLoveLove Desert Boutique. I buy bloomers every year. Now I am getting them for my girlfriends. Always need perfume and incense, and I can't pass up the fabulous tent!

Name: L Taylor
Date: 01/02/2018
Message: The clothing is lovely and of really good quality.

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