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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu
The Worlds First and Largest Online Islamic Arabian Department Store
Since 1999
Quality Islamic Muslim Arabian Middle Eastern Clothing for Men, Women & Children, Food, Household items, Perfume, Incense, Household Decorations, Jewelry, Spices, Cosmetics - like Henna & Kohl Eyeliner, Toys, Books, Religious Items, Arabic Language Party Items, Traditional Candy, Traditional Cooking Tools and Gadgets, and even more...
We Reliably Ship Everywhere in the World at the Best Possible Prices and Consolidate Your orders to Save You Money
Buy Islamic and Arabic clothing and products HERE
The First & Still the Largest
Online Islamic Department Store in the World
SINCE 1999
The Desert Boutique offers you what you are looking for....
Quality, Low Price, Choice
Browse around and fall in love with what you see...
We are dedicated to serving YOU.
For more information, please contact us at:

Telephone:  +96550768550



While we, as a company, have always participated very quietly in contributing financial assistance to people around the world in order to help them to wear proper Islamic dress (both male and female) when they were unable to afford buying a proper wardrobe once converting or reverting to Islam... we have made the decision to talk about it now, in order to give our supporters and customers the opportunity to participate with us. We want to share the love.

Whether you buy from us directly (any hijab or any dishdasha) for a FRIENDSHARE bonus of making sure a needy person gets the proper modest Islamic clothing they need, or whether you participate by informing us of people in need who are of note or known by the communities around the world, we want to get together with YOU and make a difference.

Please participate with us, by sharing with us information about needy people across the globe, particularly newly reverted Muslims.

If we can get communities involved, we, all together, can actually change the world. We truly believe and know this to be true.

And, please, if you can't afford yourself to contribute financially to this cause, then at least pass on a smile and a friendly greeting to whoever you see or meet on the street, as in Islam, even a smile to another person is a charity.

If you know a person in need who could use some Islamic clothing, please What's App us: +965 50768550 or email:




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Important NOTICE:
Your personal information is 100% safe with us....
we never ever ever share or sell your personal or
private information to anyone
and this has been our policy for the past almost 20 years.
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Name: Eloy
Date: 01/29/2014
Message: I am from northeastern united states. I got one of the bargain dishdashas.

Name: Kristen
Date: 01/28/2014
Message: You have so many beautiful things on your site. Looking forward to shopping with you. Thank you.

Name: Ibrahim Al Musa
Date: 01/28/2014
Message: I am very impressed with the Desert Boutique. You have an extensive offering of products as well as excellent, friendly customer service. With The Desert Boutique, I can have all of the things I need for our bedouin lifestyle of hospitality while staying in the snowy Mid-West for university, bringing the warmth of home to my guests without having to burden people to go shopping for me and ship me things all the time. Thank you for this wonderful vision.

Name: Aaron
Date: 01/12/2014
Message: Great store

Name: Sarah Mercius
Date: 01/10/2014
Message: Hello. I love your store and I am excited to receive my order. Thank you.

Name: Jane
Date: 12/18/2013
Message: Mashallah I'm excited to shop

Name: Kamran Atri
Date: 12/06/2013
Message: Mashallah , great products. Love the Bisht's.

Name: Judith
Date: 12/02/2013
Message: great collection of products, can't wait to recieve my package.

Date: 11/08/2013
Message: I have always been looking for Arabian products to purchase online, and I am glad to have found this site. Thank you. Cant wait to make my first purchase.

Name: Abu Ameenah Shahid
Date: 11/05/2013
Message: As-Salamu'alaikum Mia and all at the Desert Boutique! Alhamdulillah wa JazakAllah for ALL your assistance and product advice: GREAT job, EXCELLENT service and beautiful products! My family and I are all very pleased. My first package arrived in next to no time and ALL the way to Australia in just 3 days is amazing. Thank you, may Allah Reward u all and Help you all keep up the great work! Ameen! Wassalam wr wb, Your Br and friend, Shahid

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