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It's Wonderful!
Quality bisht at low price.
Highly recommend.



....I just received the order (KATAM) from you and it smells good!  Am looking most forward to trying it out, on my used-to-be-black hair.

We loved your stickers on your packaging that say, "Packed with best wishes and love".  We say, the same to you!

Thank you for having your store online—we'll be back to visit it, very nice.

Best regards, R.


Hi Mia,......

I signed the guestbook.

I love Desert Boutique so much....

....... I just want to tell you that I shop like crazy all over the internet to find the things that I loved so much.
Only Desert Boutique has the best selection and the best prices.
I will forever be a loyal fan.
I especially like the learning tools, books and such from the tent, because I study Arabic and the children's products help me to learn.
You are the best!
D. K.

I hope you are well.
I just wanted to email you to tell you the bisht cloak you tailored for me
and upgraded me on for my wedding was absolutely beautiful I mean it was stunning.
It made my wedding extremely special and was the best part of the clothing.
Thank you so much jazakallahu khairan.
It meant so much my wife and family and friends loved it.
It was beautiful.
I can't thank you enough you really made my wedding day so special.
From the bottom of my heart
jazakallahu khairan

I ordered a Bisht last time. Love it.
I received the bisht around 2 weeks afk and it’s beautiful.
I love the quality and the way it was tailored.

Thank so much.

I wore it to give jummah khutbah.

It was very elegant.

I look forward to doing more business with you


Thank you!

Our order finally arrived and everything tastes and looks wonderful!

Thanks for your responses and help!


i just wanted to say thank you for all your help n communication.

Bisht is fab!

I'll be proud to wear it on my wedding.

Will definitely buy from you in the future and recommend to others.


Asalaamalaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
Ramadan Mubarak!
Insha'Allah, can I get two more thobes from you in white sales size as my previous orders ???
Your thobes are the best!!
Insha'Allah, please send invoice right away!

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullhi wa baraaktuh,

alhamdulillah I received the niqab and its so beautiful masha'Allah.

I will be ordering another one from your site in sha Allah.

BarakAllah feekum

Hi Mia,

I received my thobe today. Am very pleased, especially with the delivery time.  The colour is lovely.

Thank you,

I have received the dress!  It's perfect! 

I had a really good service from you, and I can refer you anytime!


Thank you, thank you.

Received them today.

They are beautiful!

Kuwaiti Ladies Thobes

Hi there!

Got it! Love it!
I will recommend you!
Thank you
(Kuwaiti Ladies Thobe)
Hallo! Salaam!
I have received Amla Dabur Oil, I'm very happy!!
It's a very nice original product!
Thank you so much for your help, service and assistance.
Have a wonderful day....
See you soon!!
Kathiir shukran wa ma'a assalaamah.
JazakumAllah Khairun!
Assalamu Alaikum .., 
Dear brother / sister ..,
Thanks for your kind mail . 
Regarding this tea (Alattar) very very tasty we like so much very good tasty..,

Thanks so much and jazakAllah khair!

Regards / Mohamed.M 

I received my new thobe and I'm pleased..very nice.

I would get one more when you have new ones. Very well made. 

Thank you, Charles

Walikum Assalam Mia,

I just received my son's Bisht, I love it!!!

Jazak'allah Khair, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done, but in simple words "Thank You". My son's Hifz Graduation is tomorrow, insha'Allah, I'm really excited to see him in it!

Thanks again.

By the way I received the 'agal and I'm extremely pleased with it and it's quality.

It is beyond my expectations.

Assalamu Alaikum Friend Mia,

I have received my items and they are wonderful. 
Just in time for Ramadaan?!?!  lol  They're wonderful!  




So funny but when I got home after this email, my delivery slip was there!

I went straight to the post office and picked up my package and just LOVE the jewelry.

           Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!               

I will be ordering again very soon.

Take care!

I received my items and thank you..
They were very nice!!!!

Assalamu Alaikum Friend Mia,
I have received my items and they are wonderful. 
Just in time for Ramadaan?!?!  lol 
They're wonderful! 
I love! Love! Love! 
Jazak Allahu Khairn! 
I wanted to remember to tell you,
so I have been keeping the packaging out where I keep tripping over it to help me remember.  *smile* 
Everything is perfect and I SO appreciate all of your efforts to make this happen. 
Next order won't be so much chaos. 
I promise!  How could it be?  lol
I will keep you in my dua'a and wish your family the happiest of Ramadaan



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We are doing this due to the lack of a reliable Postal System in Kuwait

We thank you for your understanding

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