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Feedback from Our Old Friends :) 



I just wanted to let you know that my sandals arrived safely.

They’re beautiful.

But my feet tend to swell so I will gradually have to stretch them out.

It will work.

Thank you so much.

Now I know where to shop for the good stuff!

Many thanks for all your help.


Your friend...


Thanks for the newsletter!

A couple of our dancers are interested in getting some more Khaleegi thobes.

We were wondering what colors you have in stock?

We have been dancing our thobes a lot, and they are holding up well. :)

We are still very happy with our purchase.

Thanks so much!

Dear Mia,

I have received the package today.
Hasmi Kohl Kajal is very nice!
Many many thanks to you and many regards  to wonderful and unforgettable Kuwait!

Have a nice day and see you soon! Bye bye...

Hi, Mia,

I forgot to tell you that the two Khaleegy dresses arrived,

I believe it was on April 24, so shipping took about 4 1/2 weeks. 

We're very pleased with them! 

Heather likes the color of her turquoise one, and mine is a very nice shade of green. 

We'll have fun dancing in them! 

Thank you so much for your great service!

Dear Mrs. Ponzo, 

Assalmu Alikum

  Thank you for the wonderful dishdashas that I just received. 

They fit great and are of great quality.

They are the best that I have.  

Thank you thank you thank you. 

..............I would like to order more from you if you don't mind.

.........It's been a pleasure to deal with you hope to do it again.
Wa Assalamu Alikum


The thobe is beautiful - the color gorgeous. 

I am looking forward to wearing it for an up-coming performance.


I just received the coffee and wanted to make sure you received the money.

Thank you very much!!!!

Hello Mia,

My package from Kuwait arrived today. I just want to tell you again

how happy I am to find you. This is my third time shopping, and I am
sure there will be many more. I love the clothing and the kitchen
tools. Everything is very nice quality.

Eid Mubarak to you and all those you love!


I had received the thobe today.

I like it alot and alhamdullilah it's worth to wait.

I hope to buy more things in future.

Jazakallah Khair

assalamu alaikum

thankyou so much

i just received my  package and i loved them  (custom men's dishdashas)

the colors were nice and they were nice in big in

again thankyou as i look forward til doing buisness with u again inshuallah

asslamu alaikum.

...The khalige dresses are beautiful :)

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  I love it!

I received my package and just love the color I am grateful for all your patience and kindness. 

I will tell the girls in my class and show them my beautiful thobe.

your happy customer Susan

Assalam alaikom,
I am writing to let you know that i have received my awesome package.
 My wife and i really loved what we
had. Thank you very much ^.^
Jazak Allah khair,

March 2, 2011

My package finally came alhamdulillah! .....
 Jazakallahu khairan,
I really like the thobes.
January 31, 2011

Dear Mia,

envelope has arrived today
I love it very much it is like I remembered.
Thanks a lot
I will order again when the powder is finished.

January 29. 2011

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived, finally, today,
and I am very happy with my purchase. 
I will be ordering from you again soon! 
Thank you

Jan. 20, 2011

It's here and it is beautiful!
 I am part of a dance troupe and we wear these for a khaleeji dance.
I will tell my teacher about your wonderful work.

Jan. 17, 2011

 Great seller! Honest, accurate description! 
Very responsive to e-mails. 
Parcel arrived when promised. 
Can't wait to wear my beautiful dress :)

Dec. 10, 2010

Asalaamu alaikum -

Thank you SO much for the order of dates!  These are exactly the dates I had my last day there in Salmiya.  I was unable to determine the type other than by the color (they were "blond") so they were hard to find.  But these are the very dates, thank you so much.

Wa alaikum salaam
Nov. 29, 2010

Hello Mia,

My order has arrived. ...

I am so very happy with the nice items.

I will shop again soon, especially for the ladies underwear.

I cannot find such good quality any place in U.S.

Thank you again, and peace and blessings to you and your family.


Hi Mia,

... The dresses arrived in time and are beautiful!

Thank you very much...

Thank you so much I love the eyeliner

Salam Alaykum Mia,

 I'm reporting that the package has arrived safely and unopened. I will 
be ordering more coffee once this runs out. Many thanks!!!

.....Thank you so much for adjusting the order,
I'm look forward to receiving the items,
especially the coffee. 
I am very grateful and appreciative of the kind customer service.
Thanks again
Sept. 2010
Dear Mia
I received the igals yesterday. They are
beautiful. It was
worth waiting for them. Thank you very much.


Dear Mia

I have just received my scarf

and I am very pleased with the order thank you

I hope to order more from you during Ramadan.

...Thank you very much!
I received my order and am very happy with it.


Received yesterday. Happy now thanks a lot!
Allah Hafiz


I am very pleased to inform you that the goods arrived yesterday,
and that I am very pleased with the item.
Thank you.


Assalamu alaikum Mia,

Thank you so much for the bisht,
which arrived this morning -
 it is absolutely lovely!
jazakAllah khair
Your friend


The thobes and jilbabs arrived today...everything is PERFECT! 
Many thanks for all your help!!!!!!!

Best wishes,





  Shokran - received coffee pot and burka today..

they are BEAUTIFUL -
really appreciate all your help.

Dear Mia,
Assalamu alaiikum!
The bisht arrived safely this morning- it is absolutely beautiful- 
thank you so much! The tailor did a wonderful job, and I absolutely love it!
Could he make dishdashas to order as well? 
I can't find any that are pure cotton or linen anywhere.
Thank you so much again for all your help and efforts.
Your friend

Dear friends,
I've received my order and I'm delighted with the thobe, it's gorgeous!! 
It has arrived sooner than expected, thank you. 
I will recommendo your shop!!!
Thank you very much, shukran!!



Hi Mia,
I wanted to let you know that I have received my thobe and I love it,
the purple color is fantastic!  Thanks so much!!


Hi Mia -
Got them yesterday - 
in fact right after i sent the mail -
 they're LOVELY, 
my teacher was thrilled with her black one!!!
I will order again soon.
Sorry for the note!
Best to you...

Hello Mia,
The Misbah arrived today:).  
Words cannot describe how happy we are.  
They are amazing!  Better in person than in the photos (which were very good).  
We love the two that you had not listed on your site.  They both are very special.
Thank you so much for packing them so well and shipping them so quickly.  
Especially since you were wounded in the line of duty, 
we want you to now how much we do appreciate everything.  
You're the best!:)
Many thanks

I just wanted to let you know that i have received 
my package just this morning 
and all the items were lovable!!!
Thank you so much and jazakom Allah khair.

Assalamu Alaikum!

I received my order today! 
JazakAllah Khair! MashaAllah, they are all so nice. 
Keep up the good work! Ramadan Kareem! :)



Mia, I got my dress! Thank you so much!

I am very pleased and it looks lovely.

The color is perfect!










Dear Mia,

The package has arrived!  
I didn't realize that it would come directly from Kuwait.
The dishdasha and bisht are wonderful.  
Thank you very much!








Asalaam Alaikum ya ukhti,
I received my package today!Alhamulillah!

Everything is better that I expected,MashALLAH!

And the shipping was SO FAST!!
JazakALLAH Khair
Barakatu Feek
Ma Salaam,

Hello Mia,
We could not resist getting one more mabkhur
during the final days of your sale.  
We will wait for your invoice with the sale discount
and shipping before paying at Paypal
We also wanted to let you know that our
 two mabaakhur arrived safely this week.  
We are SO HAPPY with them!!!  
They are even better than the pictures.  
Thank you so much!!!
Best regards
Dear friend,
Assalamu alaikum!

thank you so very much!
i just received my order today and i am very happy.

Thanks so much and jazakumAllah khair!


Your friend
Hello Mia,
We just wanted to let you know that our
first order of Mabaakhur arrived yesterday.  
We were so surprised when we got the package.  
It came much faster than we had expected.  
Everything arrived safely and it is all wonderful.  
Even the package was cool;
the postal clerks were admiring our box from Kuwait.  
Thanks you so much.
Best regards,







Asalaamu Alaykum Mia,

I just received the Skittles candy (helwa). 

YUMMY!  Shukran katheeran for all of your help! 

I look forward to doing business with you again, inshaAllah.

Jazakh Allahi Khairun




Thank you, Mia, it arrived yesterday, and I'm very happy with it!

Thanks too for all your quick replies to past questions!

I hope to shop the Desert again in the future! Best Wishes...





May Allah bless you always for your

wonderful and friendly service.

InshaAllah, keep up the great work!

Have a blessed and safe Ramadan!

Shukran Jazillan!




Thank you, Mia, Dear:
The nose pin showed up on Tuesday.

It's beautiful and I love it and thanks f

or all your patience and kindness.
Blessings to you,








I received my package yesterday. 

I took it over to my friend's home,

Amal, and we opened it together. 

Everything was wonderful!  Thank you. 

I will be ordering some more items, soon.
Assalamu alaikum.










as-salâmu 'alaikum Mia,

I received my order yesterday.

The time it took to arrive was very long,

but I am very happy with the dishdasha's,

and I will continue to shop at

I'm going to just make sure that I place my order

well in advance from when I need the items. :-)

Your friend...

MORE Happy Feedback!!!

Thank you very much for sending the items.
I am very satisfied.
I will recommend you to my friends



I just want to say thank you my order got here yesterday and they thobes

 are beautiful and in perfect condition.  

I will be in touch again real soon to order another 12

as I dont want to get caught short without any product for my ladies. 


I bought a jilbab . very nice quality, uncomparable prise,

just be patiant it takes a bit longer then what

you think to recieve your order but you'll be very happy by what you get .
jazaky Allah khiran sister for this serves

April 2, 2008



Thank you thank you thank you thank you. my stuff arrived this morning i

 love it all so much its perfect

im  so very happy

god bless you dear mia and bless the desert boutique

March 31, 2008



Desert Boutique, Hurray!!! 

The thobes have arrived ! Very nice!
thank you








Dear Mia Ponzo ,
Today I recive the Ouds ....
.....Thanks for Service ,
The Bottles are very Nice,
Dinnin Oud its very Arabian Scent,
and Zafron its very Charming.
Best Wishes,

On 10 December.  I am totally thrilled with these
thobes--they are exactly what I was looking for.  I
think you can expect more orders soon!




I love the new look of your site -
especially the bold menu which is easy to read even for those of us over age 50!
Great prices, fast website,
BIG menu, and honest product descriptions will keep me coming back to shop here.
The only down side is I get dizzy if I look at the clouds too long!
We just received the package! Ma sha Allah, a hand-stitched fabric cover!!!!
Amazing! Ma Allah bless you and yours and the whole ummah forever!!!!!
Jazak Allahu khaira!
Thank You! My Thobe arrived yesterday,
Beautifull. Thank You
I just received the dishdashas.
I tried them on and they fit very good and
now I have something very comfortable to wear around the house.
If I need some more, I will be ordering from desert Boutique.
God bless you all and may the blessings of Allah keep you well and prosperous
Hello Mia
Thank you so much for my Kajal - I am very pleased with it.
I'll be back again.
Best Wishes
Hello Mia,

I just received my first order for  a  niqaab,
scarves and leggings and I am writing to tell you that these items were well worth the wait.   The niqaab is light, airy and comfortable and the scarves are gorgeous. 
 I am also  pleased  about the  quality of the leggings I ordered. 

Thank you for everything and I look forward to doing business with you again.

As-salaam alaykum Sister Mia

Inshallah you are in the best of health and imaan

Jazakallahu Khair for the items I ordered they came today.
The slips are really pretty and feminine and such pretty colours.
 Thank you very much for everything.
 Inshalllah may Allah (swt) always bless your business ameen.

dear miss mia asalam waleikum sister i have received the second order
from you.
the soap smells really nice the henna
looks good too i cant wait to try it.
have a nice and wonderfull day
July 29, 2007
The package came quickly and
everything in it was wonderful.
The job you did wrapping it up was smashing!
I even took a picture of it!
I'll order again.

asalam alaikum
Dear sirs,
   I have just received my first order from you
 and I am very pleased with the products.
 Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Asalaam Alaykhum!!
Just received my order and everything is beautiful!!
 It was well worth the wait.
February 28, 2007
I have received my package. 
Everything is very nice, masha Allah. 
Jazakumullahi khairan katheera.
January 20, 2007





Hello Mia!

I just wanted to drop you a fast note to

 let you know that everything arrived safely today,

and it is all terribly beautiful!  

I am so pleased with everything!  

The perfume was an excellent choice--what is it?!  

It's stunning!  And I love the little bottle that you put in as well! 

 It's so pretty!  Not to mention the kohl.  

I have to say, I've never tried real kohl
before, and this stuff is GREAT! 

 Super black, sticks very well, and doesn't bother my contact lenses at all. 

 In fact, I think it kind of makes them feel a little better.

January 2, 2007

Asalam Alaikum,
Dear Sister Mia,
The third package arrived today. 
Each package just gets better and better :-)
The Jilbabs were gorgeous, thank you so much. 
 I have made a special note that I will have
to order some more of these from you soon.
Thank you for all your hard work on this order.
November 8, 2006
Asalam Alaikum,
Dear Sister Mia,
The second package arrived today, hurrah!
The colors of the hijabs were wonderful,
but I especially loved the slips to go under the clothing. 
I will definitely have to order more of those from you :-)
Nov. 3, 2006






Dear Sister Mia,
I received the order today,
and everything is very nice, Masha'Allah
JazakumAllah khairun
September 16, 2006
Salaam WaAlaikum,
Hello Mia
I recieved my beautiful items. 
I really love your niqabs, also,
I like the material of the Bargain basement Abaya, really nice. 
I will be ordering some more items,
in about another week, inshallah. 
Again, Shukrun for the beautiful clothing that you sell. 
May Allah continue to bless you, AMEEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Mye Salaams,
September 12, 2006

Assalaamu Alaikum...

Thanks so much, Mia.  Looking forward to the scarves! 

(My daughters LOVE your gauze scarves!)

Salaam Alaikum.

August 18, 2006









The flannel pajamas arrived here today.

Really nice! Thanks!

February 2, 2006





Assalamu Alaikum sister Mia,


The package arrived today! :-). 
The Hijabs are beautiful colors!, 
Jazak Allah Khair for your effort to fulfil my order. 
 Insha'Allah you are well and your
business continues to be a satisfaction for you.
Wa Salam,
February 1, 2006

Both of my orders just arrived

today and the merchandise is very nice.. 

Thank you.

January 27, 2006



I wanted to let you know that the item arrived today.

It fits perfectly and I am extremely pleased!

 I would like to order another,

if that is possible, exactly the same.

January 5, 2006




as salaamu alaikum
i recieved the package yesterday and am very satisfied.
 i look forward to doing business with you again, inshaAllah.
thank you
jazakum Allah khairun
December 29, 2005
Aslam Akikum Sister!!!!!!! 
I recieved the dress and it is so beautiful!!  Thank you so much for sending it!!
 I know we had long communication time since my
purchase from you in August and I finally got the dress. 
Please trust me as a customer for
 I will want to keep buying from you, inshallah. 
You have items that I need very soon i
nshallah like spices and more coffee...   :-) 
May Allah protect you and give you peace and happiness.
All my best.  Your sister in Islam,
December 8, 2005

As Salaam Alaikom Sister Mia.

I received the package today. 

 Everything is wonderful as always!

JazakumAllahu Khairun.

December 5, 2005



 Assalamu alaikum, I received my order #22002,

thank you.

 I loved everything, MashaAllah.

However I don't know how to use the Kohl Powder with Traditional Brass Applicator =(

Can someone please instruct me on how to use it?

Thank you again and JazakAllah Khair

December 4, 2005



I just received the package containing my order! 

 Thank you so much.

December 2, 2005 




Salaam Alaikum!

Hi Mia,

This is ........ in San Diego,CA,USA
letting you know that my order
arrived in great shape.
The earrings are gorgeous and exactly what I had wanted.
December 2, 2005

Asalaam Wa 'Alaikum Ramatullah Sister Mia,

I want to say that the products sent were very high quality, and I loved the Desert Dream Attar!.... 
Indeed, your products are top notch,
and I am very satisfied with
the quality of the Desert Boutique store.
Please contact me for any issues or concerns with the completion of my order.
I follow Shar'iah, so I do business honestly insha'Allah.
Barak Allahw Fiqhw
December 2, 2005





ahlan mia. 
thank you for your prompt delivery of
the coffee cups. 
they arrived this week and they are even nicer than expected. 
thank you for all the items i received,
i use the ibreks (one of them) every day,
and now i use the cups as well.
i wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. 

November 18, 2005





as salaam alaykum sister mia 

 inshallah you'll hear from me again and again :)
I used to browse your site

 daily a year back now I dont have time with the net.

only fifteen or ten minuits per day :)

cos I visit your site from my office pc

and now we hardly have time :)

thankyou and
wa as salaam alaykum

November 17, 2005







Recived my order few days ago

Alhamdulilah very nice.

Eid Mubarak

November 3, 2005





A'salaam alikum rhamatuAllahee wa barkatuhu!!!!!!!!!!
Allaho Akbar! Jazakum Allaho khairan sister.
The thobe is even more beautiful than what I thought!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma'shAllah...
I am going to order at least three more in different colors.
I am just waiting on my husband to get home to try it on..
but the fit looks perfect (holding it up to his other thobes).
I really love it!!! I am definitely going to refer your services to others!!
 InshAlalh...Jazakum Allaho Khairan again!!
Hope you and your family have a blessed Eid
Takabel Allah tatakum!
A'salaam alikum
November 1, 2005



Thanks for the package,It just arrived today :)
Thanks :)
September 15, 2005








Assalamu Aleikum Mia!

Thank you very much for responding to me many times!

At last I have recieved the 2 dresses!

Thank you very much!


September 13, 2005






Asalaamu alaikum, sister Mia!
I received my order today, in full and intact!
Thank you as always for your great service.
I will enjoy the jewelry and also the spices,
as I am learning to cook Indian and Mideastern foods.
Insha'Allah I will place another order soon!
I always so enjoy dealing with you,
May Allah continue to smile on your endeavors!
Jazakum Allah Khairun,

September 12, 2005







Dear Sister Mia,

I received my order 19817 on September 5.

The quality is fine.

Thank you very much,

September 7, 2005





As-Salaam Aliakum! Dear sister Mia,
i wanted to let you known that the lounge style thobe i ordered arrived several days ago,
and is exactly the color i wanted!
More importantly it is a perfect fit!
i will wear it out from wearing it so much!
 thank you,and May Allah bless and reward
your efforts,as he alone is Best to Reward!
September 1, 2005
asalam ualaiakum

Ok sis thank u very much for the clothing.
I will shop again in the future inshallah.:)
asalam ualaiakum, ur brother in islam
August 28, 2005
Thank you Mia! 
The package arrived today;
everything is beautiful. 
I am suggesting your website to others.
Thank you again,
August 26, 2005
As-salaamu alaykum,
Al-hamdulillah, the items arrived today and they are lovely.
 I am very pleased with your products and the quick delivery. Jazaki Allah khayrun!
Ma'a salama.
August 26, 2005
Dear sister-
I jus recieved the BEAUTIFUL order in the mail.
You are awesome!!!!!
The earrings are beautiful and my little boys look absolutely adorable in the bisht!!!!
I will send you a picture....
I am so pleased, it was worth the wait,
I will totally order from you again.
Your sister in Islam-
As salaamu aliakum,
  I FINALLY GOT IT....Shukran!
I like them and they are very spacious.
Inshallah we will do business again.
ma salaams,
We just received the package.
Thank you so much!
My children are so happy with the stamps also.
We don't often get a package from around the world.
Thank you the dresses are lovely and the slip is wonderful. Again my thanks.
August 15, 2005 
Dear Mia~
 I am so very happy with my ring.
It arrived perfect order.
Thank you so very much..
it is even more beautiful than in picture.
I also will keep always the beautiful postage stamps from Kuwait.
Peace be with you,
August 9, 2005
asalam alaikum sister,
   I reveived the Hijabs on Saturday.
Thank you, and they are very nice.
 I look forward to buying more things from you.
July 25, 2005
Just want to say thanks for my
shipping I'm very pleased with
and i'll be ordering more soon....
Have a very nice week.


July 21, 2005 






I just got the sudanese jalabiyyas thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you sooooooooo muccccccchhhhhhh they are beautiful!!!!!!

I will be buying more in the future

insh allah ta3ala thanks again

salaamu 3alaykum wa ra7mtullah wa Baraktuh

July 20, 2005






Thank you!! 

The henna arrived today(FAST!).

July 20, 2005







Salam Alaikom.
Thank you so much for the first order. 
I loved all of the items!!! 
I am so glad to find these items at your store. 
Jazakum Allahu Khairun.
JULY 6, 2005
Thank you sister and may Allah reward you
for your steadfast devotion to your business and to our community. 
June 27, 2005

Asalamu alaikum sister the ABAYAS

are wonderFUL ALHamdulilah.

I am so thankful I am wearing it to the masjid tonight :-)

Thank you ver much i really appreciate it.

Jezaik Allah Khieran

June 20, 2005

Dear Mia,
Just wanted to thank you again for your great service.
The thobes I ordered from you were perfect in my recital.

Best wishes,
June 18, 2005
Dear Mia,
  I received the order, everything was wonderful, thobes,
Qur'an holder, incease holder, cloths for tea setting time and my prayer
books and information on my Muslim religion.     
I want to thank you so much,
I have been reading and help a great deal! 
I am working on Arabic, my friend is teaching me,
it not easy but not hard either, it practice that is all. 
Just like I tell my students of different age of the dance I teach,
it practice, never say you can't  I will tell you
the quality is beautiful and will be looking
forward to doing more business with you.
        From the heart, I thank my sister in Islam,
June 7, 2005
I received the thobes today. They are lovely!
Thank you very much! My
students and I will be wearing them for a khaleegy dance in May......
Best wishes,
(April 25, 2005)
Dear Mia

Asalaam Aleikum and shukran!

My order arrived today and I'm very very pleased.
Thank you so much for
help and assistance!
Shalom Mia,
     I want to thank you and to let you know
that the merchandise arrived last Saturday. 
I must say that I am more than please. 
Everything was lot better than I thought. 
No doubts about it, you got my business. 
As soon as I save some money,
I am sure, you will find more orders from me.......     .
......I'll be waiting for your reply and hoping to keep in touch with you.
     By the way, I thought for some reason that you were in New York. 
It thrilled me to see the package from Kuwait.
God bless you,
Dear Mia,
I wanted to let you know that the
blue and cream colored scarf arrived today.
It is just lovely!
Thank you so much.
 JazakumAllah khairun to you Sister. 
Your products are so reasonably
priced and I am always happy with your service

i just recieved the package today
alhumduillah i order a bukhoor holder
i did not know you were in kuwait masha allah.
i would have  waited a little longer before
i sent the email asking what happened to the order lol
any way uhkti jazakallahu khair i like it.
barakallahu feek i look forward to buying
more items from you in the future insha allah
As salaamu alyakum ukhti
 Shukrun, I love everything







Salam Sister Mia,
I hope you and your family are fine,
 I got the parcel on Saturday,

thanks a lot,

I love it.






As salaamu 'alaikum

Just a quick note to let you know that the costume jewelry got here
yesterday and is lovely.

JazakUllah Khair,
Was salaamu 'alaikum,






Dear sister,

Assalamu alaikum!
How funny that I would start to worry the day before the scarves
arrived!  I am so happy that they are here. 

The quality is very good and they are beautiful.

Just gorgeous.

Thank you so much for sending such fine product. 

I am a very happy customer! 

I will buy from you again very soon.
Your Sister,






Dear Mia,
I received my order yesterday and am so pleased! 
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and excellent product. 
 I definietely will be ordering from you again!









This is wonderful henna! 

Just got it in.
I mixed a batch,

accidentally got some on my finger,

which turned orangey before I could wipe it off! 

Fresh, smells wonderful, well worth the wait.

Thank you!








Dear sister Mia,

a few days ago, I inquired about an order;

I guess I am just impatient -

it arrived today!

The scarves are beautiful

and I can't wait to make mamool
cookies with this pretty mold.

My favorite is the all-cotton wide band
niqaab -

very comfortable and such soft flowing fabric I did not expect!
Thankyou for making these products available in the U.S.





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