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Basics In Islam 


To believe in:

1) ONE GOD, (ALLAH, meaning GOD), and that HE has no partners at all.

2) In His ANGELS (including Gabriel, who was responsible for bringing the messages to the messengers).

3) His MESSENGERS (including Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, David, Abraham, and all the others).

4) His REVEALED BOOKS, (including the Qur'an, the true Bible, the true Torah, and all the others).

5) the DAY OF RESURRECTION , (and that every person will be accounted for with regard to his deeds).

6) AL-QADER, (that everything that has happened and ever will happen has been ordained by Allah (God), although this doesn't mean that there is no free will, there is, and every person is responsible for his deeds, but that Allah, in His divine knowledge, knows what each person will do with their life, and what will be happening in the universe. And has proclaimed it to be, in HIS divine wisdom.


1) To believe, know, and proclaim "La ilaaha 'ilaAllah, wa anna MuhammadarRasool Allah" ... which means....There is no god Except for ALLAH (the one true God), and verily, Mohammad is HIS messenger.

2) To pray the five daily prayers.

3) To pay the "Zakat" ( a kind of charity/tax on surplus wealth - not to be confused with income tax or anything like that...this is solely on wealth that has accumulated and been held for 1 or more years, and not wealth used for daily living expenses, etc. (makes sense, right?).

4) To fast during the holy month of Ramadan (if you are physically competent and financially able to do so).

5) To make the Hajj (pilgrimmage to Makkah)(If you are physically competent and financially able to do so).

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